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fully supported systems to step into the unknown potentials of your divine calling

your Illumination retreat  


shey-ey-bah welcomes you home! 

 Throug for three days 1:1 on a personal activation retreat.

Illumination is a personalised three day retreat which starts on the new moon of the month. 

Location dependant on which month is booked but all on activated portals worked on through ceremony personally by Zoe Davenport. 

Many are being called back home to Avalon at this time but some locations could align else where; Hawaii, Mount Shasta, Lake Louise, Peru, Costa Rica.

These are in depth curated experiences to help you to fully explore your soul's journey, calling your multi-dimensional capacity into being. 

Awaken dormant DNA strands - Crystalline alignment ceremonies - Multi-dimensional channeling - Galactic Shaman initiation - completely immersive and expanded new paradigm solutions for your core beliefs. 

Who is this for? 

  • You desire to step into your power 
  • You desire to be free 
  • You desire to let go 
  • You desire to break free 
  • You desire to explore 
  • You desire to create 
  • You desire to step into joy 
  • You desire to step into love 
  • You desire to step into freedom 
  • You desire to step into truth 
  • You desire to understand 

You have been looking for an alternative, something to give you that space, time, freedom, container and 1:1 personal support to dive deep into the niggles, the set backs, the stress, the pain, the root causes of emotional pain. 

When we focus on a thought/feeling emotion for longer that a minute we start to re-program our neurological pathways in alignment to that intention, when the focus is longer and we start to use our imagination and visualisation it starts to alter the perception of reality and call forth the vibrational match. 

Imagine - what three full days could do?, activating on the night of a new moon, sacred space is set and the container opened to really explore the hidden depths, break free from the fear and really explore who you are. 

This concept has been in the making for the past year as all processes, tools and ceremonies I hold only come into being with others once I am fully grounded in it's divine capacity and potential. 

We hike, we talk, we step into ceremony, we eat, we laugh, we dance and each moment is a divinely aligned flow to help YOU feel fully abundantly supported to adventure into what has been calling you for your entire life. 

How you could feel after your illumination 

Gain actual tools on how to navigate a human reality, feel calm in moments of stress when the kids are acting out, improve your relationships, create more time and freedom in your schedule, let go of previous traumas and sabotaging patterns and behaviours, learn how to ground in your ascension tools, make ascension work for you as you learn how to fully feel supported by your Universe and ask for what you need. 

It's all HERE ready for you and when you take that jump, that leap of faith into the unknown you up-level your reality and step into ultimate freedom. 

Illumination is the divine platform to help you make that leap, giving you the mindset, the tools and spiritual awareness to fully let go, expand and BE YOU. 

Investment for these illumination 1:1 retreats range from $10,000+ with the option to include 12 months deep dive mentorship program. 

Invitations are subject on application and potential interview to ensure we are a match, I only work with those I know I can fully support into their most abundant potential. 

You must be willing to commit to the entire time of the retreat and fly - location dependant. All Illumination clients have the option to then book in again for a future retreat. 

These really are to help you step away from all you thought you knew - step into the expansion, explore, create, receive, finally let go of those last sheds holding you back and really step into your divine power as your multi-dimensional source creator. 


2018 illuminations start on a new moon  

  • Saturday 17th March - Tuesday 20th March 2018 Glastonbury/Ibiza
  • Sunday 15th April - Thursday 19th April 2018 BOOKED
  • Tuesday 15th May - Sunday 20th May 2018 (Glastonbury Group retreat - The Alchemy of Magic, two places left)
  • Wednesday 13th June - Sunday 17th June 2018
  • Friday 13th July - Tuesday 17th July 2018
  • Saturday 11th August - Wednesday August 15th 2018
  • Sunday 9th September - Thursday 13th September 2018
  • Tuesday 9th October - Sunday 14th October 2018 (Group Retreat - Location/Details to follow) sign up to wait list
  • Wednesday 7th November 2018 - Sunday 11th November 2018 

Bookings for 2019 open July 1st 

To apply click the link below and fill in the application - please take a moment to really breathe into your heart - if this feels joyful, abundant and light then it is worth your applying and starting the process.

I will respond within 48 hours and if I feel it's a match I will invite you to a consultation, where I will go into more details around how the Illumination retreats are structured, I can tune into your energy and call in the support to see if this is right for you at this time.


I look forward to hearing from you

Zoe Davenport