Break the karmic cycle through stepping into the dimension most aligned to your soul - these channeled support sessions assist you to flow into the chamber of the  crystalline light code frequency, activating the piece that is not visible due to the ego mind constraints.

Your most burning soul path desires can only align once you are willing to let go and surrender into what you are being taught at this time.  Your vibration is creating the experience which you choose at each present moment.  Ask your support question and be wiling to receive the karmic release strategy through awareness.  We will continue to repeat our karmic energetic patterns till we surrender ourselves of the learning, accept this as a gift and move through with clarity and ease. 


  • These sessions are a way of getting you back into focus with your heart’s alignment through a balancing, grounding and clearing of the chakras. 

  • You will receive a clear and direct message from beings wishing to support you at this time.

  • Most often we hold onto our stories for the mind wants to make sense of it all and understand WHY we went through or are currently going through these lessons.  My guides tell me this is what keeps us stuck in the story and from moving forward. 

  • This 1:1 support session will help to clear and activate your heart, opening to potentials of moving through from the perspective of observer.  This helps to shift and re-balancing assisting to create alternative timelines from that one you are currently stuck on. 

We will support in connecting in with the most aligned light codes to help ease through the Drama/victim consciousness and move into state of awareness to create a new alignment story.  The alignment story is one of surrender - gratitude - forgiveness and seeing through to the core and finding that the gift that was there all along waiting for us to unwrap.  Moving through and healing does not mean the events and circumstance did not matter or never happened to us - but it does mean we can let go and continue on our expansive journey of alignment and embracing the I AM presence.  

  • These sessions are for those that have felt a pull, a yarning for some time that their ways of working through seem to only over complicate and make matters less desirable. 

  • Spirit does not complicate, the mind does. 

  • As with all support offered by Zoe and her team - a unique crystal activation grid will be created as part of the journey to plug in and utilise the new paradigm frequency. 

We are living through multiple layers of existence on Earth right now and the ease at which we can work through is speeding up due to the Crystalline grid coming back online.  This infinite purification energy is ready for us to continue and eases the karmic energies to accelerate our growth.  

These sessions are channelled support for your needs to gain clarity, let go and create a new alined vision.  This will mostly be done through guided meditations as channelled through from your guides. 

What these sessions are good for - 

  • Really letting go of the need to keep holding onto the stories no longer serving
  • Get back into the vibration of joy for your ascension journey
  • Create better more constructive and positive platforms in which to co-create and manifest aligned heart expanded experiences.
  • Improve relationships - particularly the one with yourself
  • Feel expanded through the story and aligned with the love presence.
  • Meet your needs where you are at on your ascension journey. 
  • Accelerated ascension growth, a sense of feeling less stuck, motivated for the possibilities of the physical existence once more   

After the session your new alignment journey will start - calling in the soul path angels to keep opening the path most in flow for you at this time.  Often as you continue to expand after these sessions you will tune into increased synchronicity, better spiritual connection and heightened spiritual tools for your journey.

When we remove through the blocks of energy we are not, we expand back in with who we are - If you are ready to align these sessions will help support you through your stuff and get you there.   

As my guides tell me every day “easy peezy, lemon, squeeze”.

Your investment will be $555 including a recording of the session and any supporting notes and photos of the crystal grid.  Please allow approx 2 hours for the session. Once payment is received you will be sent a email with a suitable day/time to book in for the session.  


One day intensive

CHANNELED karmic ceremony & CRYSTALLINE alignment ACTIVATION

(This one day intensive is inclusive of the session above) Can be done in person or via Skype.  

Take your 3D perspective beyond as you allowing the vibration of hearing to come into your awareness - the tuning to your heart and listening to the vibration that is awaiting for you beyond the concept of the physical.  It is important to know your own worth, your own place in the world and your clarity comes from allowing yourself to understand that everything you need lye within you.  Sometimes we know you can feel blocked - blocked in recognising what is your truth and what is a fabrication of the ego mind, It can lead to feeling overwhelmed in situations desperately wanting to work through and find a place of resolve, healing and grounding. 


With so much turmoil going on in the world today, this is still the representation of the turmoil that lye from within - How we choose to react stems from the vibrational attachment we have in the present moment - this can lead to more overwhelm as the powerful effect of thoughts start to spin into a negative web of fear.  


These channelled support sessions for for those looking to receive a more balanced approach to what is being presented to them.  To assist and support in raising the consciousness back up into alignment with their higher selves to SEE through the situation - clear through the block - move into a place of resolution - healing and understanding that the physical world is the illusion and the light within is the truth.  We will tune into your vibration, inviting any guides - elementals - higher dimensional beings - higher self- star councils of light that wish to be present during the channeling to support you on your journey.  We will then connect in with a tree ancestors to free the ego mind from limitation and ground down deep into the heart of Gaia for protection, support and nurturing.  The host Zoe will create a unique crystal grid using dimensional activations from Atlantis - Lumeria and Avalon to triangulate a dimensional portal in which to receive the light code frequency to assist and support you on your journey at this time.  Once these pieces are in place - Your coded messaged will be gifted through Zoe and written in an email format - These sessions will contain a clearing - grounding and balancing of the chakras,  a clear resonating message beyond the ego limitations of the 3D mind control,  a energy healing within the vibration of the words and a closing and protection ceremony to release any 3D concepts or thoughts. 


These sessions are to align you back into the higher dimensional frequencies - they are to align you with your heart chakra and align you with your truth. 


All the information will be emailed directly - with a photo of the activated crystal grid, any cards which were pulled and the channelled message. 


Your guided want very much to continuing supporting and aligning you to your truth.  It is the ego mind that hold us back as we want to much to hold onto the story - release the story you release the ego release the ego you resonate back in with your harmonic frequency of your heart.  All the tools, guidance and support that is channeled through is for your highest good to move beyond your limitations - to re-balance and shift your perspective. These messages and activations can be deeply transforming if your surrender and move through the story like an observer reading a document of some else’s life path.  You are here to observe and let go, you are here to align, you are here to hear your heart’s vibration and unconditional love that lyes within you, is you and becomes the vibrational alignment around you. 


You are so dearly love and it is our wish to gift you what you need at this time - to receive value through knowing you are so dearly love. 


You are ready to a tune the merkaba light body and tune in to the frequency of the crystalline Earth grid - all around the world light portals have been opened and activated and we are at a resonating level now to tune into this frequency of light.  Just like in the times of Lumeria and atlantis - Crystals were very present in our collective evolutionary journey and they are coming together once more as humanity is starting to move through the ego structure of envy, greed, control, constraints, limitations, jealousy and fear based illusions. This grid is very much back online and the energies are going to continue to align and transform the very fabrication of the perceive physical world itself self.  We are called more than ever to awaken the crystalline body within yourselves and tune in on a daily basis to the Earth’s grid to continue clearing Karmic patterns, beliefs and all other lower dimensional pulls holding us back. 


These sessions will use a similar construct to that of the Emailed channeled support session but will also include any further assistance to attune your vibration and “plug” into the new paradigm. We will then open your chakras in alignment to the crystalline structure and allow your soul to feel the open and expansive vibration of limitless - a vibration available to ALL of you right now wanting to embrace your multi-dimensional selves.  your attunment will help you to focus on the important role of your higher self here on Earth - It will also help to held old stories still playing in the background of your 3D hologram and support in cleansing and re-birthing your energies to align your greatest potential at this time.  


these sessions are to be taken lightly - The ego likes to complication such divine powerful healing - that it needs to be HARD or we did not fully Experience. These old concepts of development are what have kept the 3D stories knocking around the background.  


We look to only gift you clarity and ease of passage into the dimension most aligned with your vibration - The 3D hologram and ego mind is the illusion the complexity and alignment of your soul’s divinity is the simplistic answer to what you have been yarning for your entire lift time. 


Let go of the judgement and concepts of what you thought you had to go through - these again are old Karmic webs.  YOU have the gift within side of you to align with your future - your higher self.  Attuning your crystalline light body on a daily basis will start to gift you back the memories that we have been through this before - that is why it will feel easy for you. Don’t be surprised in what starts to unfold as a result in weeks, months and years as you continue to unplug and tune in to the simplicity and clarity of the universe. 


The blocks you hold in your chakras can be removed through ease - This one day intensive will help to nurture your vibration back into alignment and open you up to the possibilities within each of your dimensional portals. 

Your investment will be $2222 - Including all supporting recorded guided meditations, documents, alignment planning and the channelled karmic support session. 

Once payment is received you will be sent an email to book in for the session.  Payment plan available please email me direct on for this option - please note a 10% fee will apply to the payment plan and a deposit of $500 will be taken to secure the booking. 


6 months ascension mastery 

Channelled support for spiritual thought leaders of the new paradigm.  Accessing our master thoughts - the one put there by our higher selves through lifetimes of karmic lessons, blue print coding and crystalline alignment this 6 month journey is taking the destined role your higher self aligned for you. Embracing Multi-Dimensional self principles. Attuning the heart to continued universal expansion and taking the biggest leap you ever "thought" possible in this incarnation.  Your spiritual tools, learning and awakening has lead you to embrace the vibration of where you are now.  You will be feeling you are on a level playing field, traumas and lifetimes have been released to nurture the inner child within and now you are wondering what is next?. 

Ascension mastery is understanding the quantum timelines of existence - playing with potential outcomes through jumping into the visualisations of the most pleasing story and alinging with that truth. It's for the game changers of existence wanting to utilise the tools available through dimensional travel and bringing that awareness back into something tangible in the physical.  

"If you are the smartest person in the room - you are in the wrong room"  

Ascension mastery allows you to continuously align with the most expanded room - as you raise your vibration of awareness you start to be gifted insights and clarity beyond any physical or rational thinking could come up with.

In order to truly create and continue to create the new paradigm it's time for us to use ALL of our potential and gift this back out into the world to make the biggest impact.

A higher dimensional support consulting platform to continue shedding yet more restricted layers of doubt, mind control, dimensional control and all other external influences wishing to hold back from the most important building blocks - Joy, imagination, happiness and LOVE.

With continued support through channelled karmic ceremony & crystalline alignment activations you will be taken into the chambers of light to align your soul's deepest yarning to create global awakening impact.  This can and will only happen through a continued amount of self-care, removal of energetic blocks, taming of ego limitations and allowing yourself to resolve any residual ties of lower vibrations into the light.  

The specifics and outcome will alter greatly from the start to finish of this support as your entire concept of reality will be greatly enhanced and the timeline of existence will align in perfection to the divine harmony of the universe.  Our presence through our master, healer and guide Zoe Davenport will take you through your layers to finally breathe and embody the impact you were meant for.

Many of the tools and techniques in this program have not been downloaded to humanity as yet - It will be aligned with those most ready to receive the vibrational imprints.  

This is by invitation only as our host Zoe will send you further information of the details and interview questions.  If the alignment feels possible for your ascension at this time you will be invited to speak directly via Skype and a start date will be set.  

Once aligned a re-treat will also be set to visit one or more of the crystalline light portals to work with the harmonic frequency of Gaia. Location dependant on what your soul needs to explore and experience.

If you are feeling ready for this please use the form below and I will be happy to receive your interest and take the next step.

In service and gratitude 

Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension Guide

Name *


Ascension is all about alignment!

Utilising our unique gifts and DNA blue prints, our light codes become activated to harness our true calling and to bring about 5D in physical form.


This can happen in our own dimensional experiences, but to truly ascend as a collective we must start to remember we are the collective consciousness, we are the ones we have been waiting for and everything we need to break free from illusions lies within us


Jennifer .jpg

Jennifer Lee - Seattle USA

Zoe Davenport is quite literally a Godsend. She's unlike any other spiritual leader I have encountered and has helped me transform my life in innumerable and immeasurable ways. I have had the gift of working with Zoe over the course of several months now and have received more from her than any other coach, seminar, book, workshop, intuitive, psychic, teacher, meditation or personal self-exploration that I have invested in over the course of 10 years. Zoe has helped me:


  • Connect to my Truth at it's deepest core, understand my Truth, embody it on a physical/mental/emotional level and draw it out on my day to day journeys
  •  Deepen my connection to Source, my Spirit Guides and opened me up to having a strong connection with my Arcturian guides
  • Understand my Spiritual Gifts, strengthen them and activate ones I didn't know I had
  • Trust myself deeply
  • LET GO... oh my GOD have I been able to FINALLY LET GO! Let go of karmic ties, my past, realities that I am unaligned with, judgment, blame, shame, guilt, 3D egoic ways engrained in my thinking, holding back, stifling my personal power, fear of what others' think, holding back my voice, hiding, soul wounds, family wounds, relationships that no longer serve me but somehow act as a revolving door, holding my business in a way that no longer serves me, bad habits, and much more.
  • A side effect of working with Zoe for me has been that certain things I have struggled for years to change or keep in place have just randomly, suddenly shifted for me without putting much effort or conscious thought into (my desire for healthy food/eating/habits, daily meditation, self-love and self-care, detaching from the outcome, health issues, anxiety and racing mind, seeing things from a 5D perspective, keeping my heart open, being "on time", not procrastinating, staying organized, time management, decisiveness, clarity, being open and able to RECEIVE on many levels and expanding my ability to receive on a daily basis... I could go on and on and on!)
  • Manifesting the reality I desire, more financial wealth, more love, the relationships I want, and even things I just *think* about manifest my way within the hour!

On top of it all, the most valuable thing I can say Zoe has brought me to was not just understanding who I am (and feeling understood by others), but FEELING like I am COMPLETELY ME on every level. I want to say 'again' at the end of that sentence, however I don't think I've ever felt that way except perhaps as a small child (when most of us are still 'whole'). It brings absolute tear to my eyes and a vibration of joy that I never knew was possible to feel just thinking about how many years I longed so deeply to have that feeling and have the confidence, freedom, self-love and power to bring it into my 3D physical existence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Zoe. And if you are called to work with Zoe or curious about her in any way, I believe your alignment to her is for a deep reason and you'll be blown away at the multi-level paradigm shifts, healing and higher transformation she will guide you to bring into your existence.



Ally Layton - Portland Oregon USA

"It’s almost impossible to put into words how amazing and life changing my coaching sessions with Zoe have been, because it’s nothing short of pure magic.

The amount of growth I have experienced in the last six weeks of working with her is more than I have experienced in my whole life leading up to now.

Zoe is pure genius. Everyone should work with her."



Emyrald Sinclaire - Colorado USA