Are you gifting yourself enough lately? 


Have you honoured your needs, feeling nourished, grounded and focussed on your path? 


OR are you feeling out of sorts, frustrated, creatively blocks and feel like a yoyo and up/down emotions? 


Do you know in your heart there is something wanting to come through, something to share and create but feeling stuck as old patterns keep rising to the surface? 

The energetics of self-love is about the 12 chakra alignment system that helps you to clear through your field the lower dimensional programming and re-wire yourself for abundant success in ALL areas of your life.



Join us in this sacred container to explore what's really holding you back, get crystal clear clarity and confidence to make a MASSIVE shift in your reality! 

If you are not where you want to be-
ask yourself do you even know where you want to go?


What are your goals and desires in this reality ? How would your health, love life, finances, relationships, family be different? When we focus on one area this has a cause and effect on all other parts do business / personal it's all the same, it's all energy.

The energetics of self-love is a way to navigate through the dimensional fields and get crystal clear and where to start and what to focus on. It's about looking at the whole - mind/body/spirit and aligning all elements to co-exist in a supportive and grounded way.

I've been building a container since December for those stepping into aligned leadership of the new paradigm.


This will be a sacred space in which to explore the depths of your personality and multi dimensional connection to fully anchor your codes of mastery through the heart space.

If this is feeling interesting to you - Our first enrolment starts on the new moon of September 10th 2018. Use the link below to book a call, let's chat and see how you can be supported!