Inner Child Activation

Join us September 29th 10am PT for this transformational journey 


I love the moment I start to channel through the content for this offering two beautiful children walked into the cafe with the most joyful energies as they went to the counter with their pocket money to order their hot chocolates. Out the door they bounce slurping their drinks as they sit at a table out side by the window. 


Their parents deep in thought as the children stare at each other and smile, present, happy and in the moment. Within each of us is a child just waiting to show us so much of our potential, through imagination, exploration and creative play. 


Lost in the mix of being an adult we forgot about the simplicity of being HERE in these divine moments, perhaps we were too afraid to let them out due to the emotional wounds and scarring of childhood. Many of us were born ready to walk the path of light, to bring through the higher dimensional blessings complete with extra-sensory ability. Many of us were sensitive to the dense world around us and were guided to shut down to fit into the mould of the 3D perception and paradigm. 


When we learn to communicate with our inner child, when we learn to show them they are safe to be seen, to speak, that they will be heard something starts to shift within our emotional core system. 


Something moves through, call it a block, a fear, a release, a cord cut, an activation, an expansion, a grounding that it is safe to be who we truly are. We are so accustomed to hold on SO TIGHTLY to that which no longer resonates from our past, ALL of US are still re-working our cords, programming and beliefs systems created and locked in up to the age of 7. 


But we don’t have to hold onto it, we can finally set our inner child free to be who they want to be. 


Inner child journey and activation 

This activation is not to delve into the scaring of the past but more to communicate with our inner child NOW. To activate that creative part of us, to step joyfully into the present moment and to get messy in our creative potential of manifesting. As a child we did not worry about the past or the future, we wanted to play, create, explore and innovate using what we had around us. 


Let us join together in sacred circle and create virtual dens through light codes, colour outside the lines through sound healing, and hold our child to feel fully supported and nurtured.


As we unlock our inner child they can finally work in harmony to create with us all of our desired outcomes but from a place of pure positivity, light and joyful recognition that the world is our playground and we are a gift. 


This will be a ceremonial journey diving deep into our core to activate, release and balance back our creative desires. Let us remember to hold our inner child, to love them, to let them know they are fully safe, supported and loved for who they wish to be. 


This will be a collective experience as we allow the channelled energies to flow through the host Zoe and her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah. 



  • You will need to allow 90minutes - 2 hours for this journey.

  • Come prepared with being in a warm, comfy space free from any noise, distractions and any energy that could pull you out of the group.

  • Headphones advised and good internet connection.

  • Take at least 30 minutes before the call to set your intentions.

  • You will have full access to the replay should you not be able to make the live event.

  • We will be journeying together on September 29th 2018 10am PT



Energetic Exchange for this journey will be $97, including full  access to the full 2 hour live event, replay and an additional channelled message emailed afterwards.


Who this is for 

  • Anyone wanting to connect with their inner child in a deeper and healing way.

  • Anyone wishing to feel more connected to their creative play, imagination and ability to manifest with joy.

  • Anyone feeling the need to let go of the past fears to shine their lights.


As with ALL journeys channeled through Zoe, you will be energetically held in a safe and supportive space.