Exploring the mists of Avalon

Creative Expression Through Crystalline Potentia

We are all with you - in support of you - guiding you always dear ones back to your own knowing, back to your own hearts, back to the unity of all frequency, all potentials, all realties, all time codes, all timelines, all experiences, all journeys and all divine adventures. 

This is an invitation for your own exploration of energetic enquiry through the expanded support holding you in the potential of grounding in your knowing - your truth - your wisdom - your activation - your divine presence within human form but not confined by the physical realms.

This is an invitation to join in a small intimate group of seven creative thought leaders- to FEEL the divine support all around you to journey - to play - to adventure and receive your own personal understanding of why you were guided to these lands - to Avalon - to Glastonbury to the heart of Gaia. 


You will FEEL abundantly supported as we guide you through ceremony each day, challenging your perception of what is truly HERE for you NOW. 


We will explore together in group through the Eyes of children, awakening to the elemental magic that is always inviting us to play, to be joyful, to open and to know we are the creators. 


Collective Councils of light - Elementals - Crystal Kingdom