Elemental Energetics 

Creative Expression Through Crystalline Potenti

I am honoured to be offering this intimate and bespoke retreat, rich in flow, love and abundance as we journey together with the support of our elemental guides, awakening to the magic of Gaia crystalline frequency. 


I grew up very close to Glastonbury and have been visiting here since I was born. The very first crystal I received was from my mother. She had visited one day and saw a door open on the side of the stone wall.......walking through she recalls an abundant and magical garden with clear quartz stones all over the floor. Guided she picked up a couple of pieces and gifted me one when I was around 3. She says she never found that door again.....

The year of 2017 was a completion of mother/father wound ceremony and release - this beautiful tiny quartz I had for 32 years asked to be gifted back to Avalon. It had full-filled it's purpose with me bringing my being back into wholeness and releasing the ancestral energies.


It was a beautiful moment of release and surrender as another piece of my soul returned through gifting back to Gaia.


All my life I have guided people to Glastonbury - taken them to my favourite tea and cake house, walked the Tor, strolled around the abundance of crystal stores and always bought them a small crystal from the wishing well.

We would walk together through the Chalice Wells Gardens featuring one of Britain's most ancient wells, surrounded by beautiful gardens and a natural spring rich in Iron feminine energy.

Then journeying next door to the White Spring - known as the divine masculine. 

It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow.

There is a spring pool inside the white spring to cleanse and purify the body - for me it is the most activating place, words cannot describe the energy. You just have to come here and FEEL it, embody it, ground it into the heart space and listen to the whispers of Avalon as she guides you through your own journey. 


For me it's LOVE, it's unconditional love and it's the coming home to Gaia but truly coming home to myself. 


Every one I have guided as been an awakening for them, an activation and with each of the travels I do around the world working with the crystalline grid - opening divine portals I always bring the energy back to Glastonbury to anchor and ground in. 

There is an collective mix of energies, beings, dimensions, guides, people, galactics, history and mystery. 

For me it is different every single time I go there may be a shop I always visit but on some occasions I am not guided, or walking to the Tor - when aligned you can't see me running up there fast enough and other times I avoid. 

This is my wish and the authentic flow for me in guiding others to this place. To have things too structured, too planned, too "thought" out leaves no room for the energy of the moment, the tuning into the energetic alignment. 

This "feels" joyful, abundant and in flow for me and if it's in flow for me, then I am in full trust it's in flow for you beautiful one. For this is how I have always guided through these wonderful yet insane lands of energetics.

Over lighting our journey will of course be the elementals - a main fairy elder guide I work with called Elohem and her elemental tribe are here to awaken our curiosity through the eyes of our inner children.

The alchemy of magic to me is the utilising ALL that is here for us and getting our hands deeps into the dirt of our creative gardens and allowing to BE HERE NOW to ground these intentions through the heart of Gaia. 

I have been shown 7 people to guide - it's important to me we have time, we are not rushed, we are not over booked. That we have a wonderful flow of ceremony, of activities but time to be still, to rest to attune to the frequency of Glastonbury. 

I will guide you through all my favourite places including a trip to Avebury which speaks for itself in energetics, activation and pure crystalline light flowing through the sacred stones. Even the blades of grass here feel joyful and abundant. 

Upon setting a date for this abundant adventure my guides told me to start on 15th May 2018 and of course it's a new moon!. Since flowing into the potentials of places to visit I've been an abundance of unicorns, fairies and saw three rainbows in one day getting ready to write down this invitation to you. 

For it is just that an invitation to join us on retreat, at Glastonbury in a beautifully aligned small group of seven participants, myself as your humble guide and the beautiful Jennifer Lee who will be assisting me. 

We will be staying in a Luxury English Country House set on three acres of Private land. Plenty of space for us all, including high rise ceilings, hottub, cinema room, pool table, beautiful dining setting. 

We will have an award winning plant based vegan chef - whom came highly recomenene. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his energy is 100% aligned - he also activates the food and will be sharing some wonderful insightful knowledge with us. 


Included in the retreat

5 nights stay in luxury English Cottage 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a plan


Private Driver for all our needs to Visit Glastonbury and Avebury Stones. 

Access to the Challace Wells Gardens 

White Spring

Goddess Temple & Ceremony

Full 90 minues chakre treatments 

Crystal shopping 

Activated care package of joy, abudnance of of course crystals 

Bonus - 2 X 1:1 private sessions with me before and after the retreat 

I have been shown a clear seven in my field of those joining - if this "feels" fun, joyful, abundant, intriguing, inviting, magical, expansive and activating then tune into your heart - take a breath and ask your heart "Am I meant to be on this journey"?

Your heart always gives you the answer even if it doesn't make sense at the time!

Trust your heart. 

If you are guiding then I am excited to meet you in person if we have already met virtual but I know we have already met energetically. 

This is a value, luxury, yummy, expanded retreat and it's important to me it FEELS abundant so I am so pleased to be hosting this at such a beautiful house with honestly the most energetically awakened chef I've ever met. Spirit bought us together in such grace and flow and I'm excited for you to met him and tastes the wonderful delights of his cooking. 


Your energetic exchange for the retreat will be $4000

Then please choose which room you would like to book below Prices of retreat and room included.