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Jennifer Lee - Seattle USA

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Zoe Davenport is quite literally a Godsend. She's unlike any other spiritual leader I have encountered and has helped me transform my life in innumerable and immeasurable ways. I have had the gift of working with Zoe over the course of several months now and have received more from her than any other coach, seminar, book, workshop, intuitive, psychic, teacher, meditation or personal self-exploration that I have invested in over the course of 10 years. Zoe has helped me:


  • Connect to my Truth at it's deepest core, understand my Truth, embody it on a physical/mental/emotional level and draw it out on my day to day journeys
  •  Deepen my connection to Source, my Spirit Guides and opened me up to having a strong connection with my Arcturian guides
  • Understand my Spiritual Gifts, strengthen them and activate ones I didn't know I had
  • Trust myself deeply
  • LET GO... oh my GOD have I been able to FINALLY LET GO! Let go of karmic ties, my past, realities that I am unaligned with, judgment, blame, shame, guilt, 3D egoic ways engrained in my thinking, holding back, stifling my personal power, fear of what others' think, holding back my voice, hiding, soul wounds, family wounds, relationships that no longer serve me but somehow act as a revolving door, holding my business in a way that no longer serves me, bad habits, and much more.
  • A side effect of working with Zoe for me has been that certain things I have struggled for years to change or keep in place have just randomly, suddenly shifted for me without putting much effort or conscious thought into (my desire for healthy food/eating/habits, daily meditation, self-love and self-care, detaching from the outcome, health issues, anxiety and racing mind, seeing things from a 5D perspective, keeping my heart open, being "on time", not procrastinating, staying organized, time management, decisiveness, clarity, being open and able to RECEIVE on many levels and expanding my ability to receive on a daily basis... I could go on and on and on!)
  • Manifesting the reality I desire, more financial wealth, more love, the relationships I want, and even things I just *think* about manifest my way within the hour!

On top of it all, the most valuable thing I can say Zoe has brought me to was not just understanding who I am (and feeling understood by others), but FEELING like I am COMPLETELY ME on every level. I want to say 'again' at the end of that sentence, however I don't think I've ever felt that way except perhaps as a small child (when most of us are still 'whole'). It brings absolute tear to my eyes and a vibration of joy that I never knew was possible to feel just thinking about how many years I longed so deeply to have that feeling and have the confidence, freedom, self-love and power to bring it into my 3D physical existence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Zoe. And if you are called to work with Zoe or curious about her in any way, I believe your alignment to her is for a deep reason and you'll be blown away at the multi-level paradigm shifts, healing and higher transformation she will guide you to bring into your existence.




Rebecca Campbell Edmonton Canada



Zoe’s incredible gifts have transformed my life from totally overwhelming to magically purposeful. I could not have imagined how the connection with herself and our guides would change my life and give me such clarity of purpose AND perfectly supported action steps. The best part has been all the affirmation that all I have felt I was meant to do, I now KNOW I AM and have guidance and support through each action step I need to take instead of Wondering what the heck that next action step needs to be and how I would do it anyway on top of my life as a mama to three young boys. My crystal babe Gabe had joined us in some our sessions when he chose joy to nap because he knew the crystals were out:) who could blame him right! We’ll happily keep her in our back pocket forever love you Zoe!



Ally Layton - Portland Oregon USA

"It’s almost impossible to put into words how amazing and life changing my coaching sessions with Zoe have been, because it’s nothing short of pure magic.

The amount of growth I have experienced in the last six weeks of working with her is more than I have experienced in my whole life leading up to now.

Zoe is pure genius. Everyone should work with her."



Emyrald Sinclaire - Colorado USA



Rebecca Tracey - Toronto Canada


"Before my session, I was feeling super blah about my business. My creativity and passion was dwindling, and I couldn't figure out why. You are one of the most gifted intuits I know. You immediately helped me get clear on why I was feeling stuck and helped me realise how a few small changes to how I'm working with people will make a huge difference in my energy and excitement in my business. Even during our session I started getting excited about new projects I can work on (something that hasn't happened in a long time), and we even came up with an idea for a new high-end service before we hung up the phone. Your ability to cut through the bullshit in my mind and help me see what is true and what is my own monkey brain is incredible. I'm excited to jump into the new year with  a renewed sense of passion. All  business owners need you by their side!"



Birgitte, Oslo – Norway


"Zoe is so loving and authentic in her work with me. She helped me to be connected with my guides and angels, and to guide me into everyday love and light. What a difference in those 6 weeks. Now I know how to get my vibration up. Absolutely direct and lovely powerful energy. Lovely to work with you Zoe" 


Stephanie Cherokee - Florida USA 

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"I started working with Zoe back in Aug 2016, We all have a different situation in life and with that Zoe can help on so many different levels of awakening. That is what is great about Zoe, she is not set on one kind of healing for her clients. Through our sessions she has helped me with re-opening the gifts I had, given me great support in helping me hold the light while I work with Mother Earth in healing. Zoe has help me with advancing my Native Shaman gifts and supported me with past life energy and healing, letting go of what no longer serves in this life time. 

Zoe is very intuitive, has a very loving heart and personality, has a great team of guides behind her that support her with such white light, is very easy to work with and holds great energy & light for her clients.

Once I recognised my past life souls, she then helped in teaching me how to heal & merge them into my soul now, so they can help me along my path, all past lives have gifts they want you to use, they have wisdom to help you in this life time. 

I love you Zoe, you are a very caring person and a great coach and healer.

Thank you for helping me. Much gratitude to you and for you Zoe.

Blessing to you always and forever."



Phoenix Simon - Bristol UK

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"The energy and guidance of the whole session was amazing, with Zoe and her 'team' picking up on fears and worries that I hadn't mentioned in the questionnaire and then working on clearing those blocks. In the days following, I feel there has been a massive energy shift for me and that my connection with spirit has strengthened because of that. This really helps me do what I am here to do. I can't rate the session highly enough. It's been a week and I still feel amazing." 



Nathan Jones - Bristol UK 

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"I have just been through the intuitive coaching course with Zoe, I was sceptical at first but after the first week i'm so glad I stuck with it! I had some memorable spiritual experiences during and after our Skype calls! I learnt so much in these sessions and now have practical tools to help me with every aspect of my life. Zoe worked SO hard, she intuitively knew what was best and thats what I loved about the sessions, it was personalised for what I needed to know and do at this point in my awakening journey. Im so grateful that I had the chance to do these sessions, I would recommend to anyone 10/10 Thankyou!!!"