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John Burgos - Founder & Host of Beyond the Ordinary Show


"Zoe a talented multidimensional guide whose ability to assist her clients navigate the realms of multidimensional guidance is second to none. 

If you are ready to work with someone who will fiercely lead you to the truest essence of your heart, through her own connection to the truth that her connection to love engenders then you are in for a transformative experience of a lifetime with Zoe" 

Christina Cunnison - Manifestation Guide



"Zoe is an absolute master and ascension guide, transmitting the most pure love, light, and
divine guidance to support you in awakening to your truth and soul’s intention for this lifetime.
I was originally called to work with Zoe and purchased her 5 week crystalline light activation
program. I can say that this course was the beginning of an unbelievably transformative
experience that would change the course of my life. Each week, I was blown away that in just
90 minutes, I could experience such an incredible activation in my body and such tremendous
expansion in my heart. The vibration that comes through her is so powerful that each week I
started to feel more and more of my kundalini activated and heard others in our group share
similar experiences."

What was so incredible was that as we were all processing these activations and energetic
upgrades, she provided weekly follow up support and channeled guidance to help us integrate
these new shifts we were experiencing. This was essential because it allowed us to ground into
the energy we received in order to expand our capacity to hold a higher vibration and more
easily dissolve that which was no longer was in alignment.

I was so inspired that I decided to take the opportunity to have a full day one-on- one session
with her while she was in Mt. Shasta. This experience was a pivotal moment that I can say
helped to open an incredible gateway of magic into my life!

If you desire to wake up in this lifetime, to remember who you are, to know your origin and star
family, and your soul’s name, gain clarity on your purpose, to open to your spiritual gifts and
abilities, gain clarity on your past lives and your intention for this lifetime, Zoe is for you!
She has the exceptional ability to access such a wide range of Ascended masters and your
guides including the Lyrans, Lemurians, Pleidians, Arcturians, Angelic guides, Archangels, ETs,
elementals, fairies, your higher self (and many others!) to deliver the most incredibly spot on
and loving messages that support you in exactly what you need in each moment. Zoe has
helped me expand my vision for what I believe is possible in my life and taught me to call in
more magic than I could have imagined.


Zoe is truly an amazing guide and transmits the most loving, divine energy. I can say that from
working with her personally, she’s a true gem and such an incredible gift to all who take the
wonderful opportunity to work with her."




My 1:1 with Zoe & her team cleared my energy field down like a supersonic jet wash!

I felt so light and clean, and FREE! like I’d never ever felt before & since then I am to access, connect and maintain this space myself, this new version of me that I’d never experienced & things just keep getting better.

Zoe I write this with tears of gratitude.....I’m so so thankful for you & your work, I don’t even really have the words....Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lynne xxxx



JENNIFER LEE - Multi-dimensional energy expert, spiritual mentor  

"Zoe Davenport is THE leading New Paradigm Consultant for business leaders and spiritual wayshowers. I have worked with Zoe extensively for close to 2 years and the shifts in my body, life, awareness and connection to Source have been profound. Zoe has a keen perspective on the way your inner reality and outer reality combine forces. She is the most incredible space holder and energetic master I have worked with so far. It is her gentle, nurturing heart along with her inability to hold you in anything but the highest regard that makes her transformational guidance phenomenal. I highly recommend Zoe for leaders, business owners and CEO's who are called to enter expanded states of quantum living, multidimensional realities and harness ALL of their innate, energetic power. Her vision allows her to see ALL of the blindspots, all of the possibilities and all of the realities - guiding you to create timeline shifts and quantum leaps in reality as well as connecting you to more of you energetic/intuitive capabilities that you were unaware of. This in turn allows her to guide you into reaching maximum states of impact in your mission, business and world"

"One last thing - if you are called to work with Zoe, listen!"




"I have worked with many many different teachers and modalities but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a testimonial.  Zoe has got to be one of the most caring, understanding and loving people I've had the opportunity to meet.  Saying she has powerful energy is an understatement!  

Don't let her soft spoken manner fool you." 




Clare Arvidsson 

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"This was such a profound and deep session, and I am so extremely grateful to have received this. It came at a life changing time as I had just been given a breast cancer diagnosis and had started chemotherapy. Zoe and her guides spoke to my soul, I received a personal light language transmission and channeled support about how to see my current situation, how to set my intentions, how to receive myself more deeply. They gave me confirmation and reassurance of who I am so I can go even deeper with my self-healing and self-loving journey. It was like a soul navigation session which goes deeper every time I listen to it. It is difficult to explain just how much it has supported me and I probably do not truly know either as it is beyond human comprehension. Thank you Zoe and to your guides, I’m blessed to have had this opportunity" - With much love, Clare 


Kira Enge - Reiki Healer



"I had such an incredible experience with Zoe and the whole crystalline activation grid group!

I'm So grateful to have been able to participate. I listened to all the activations over and over again ~ I love Zoe's style and her refreshing energy - I'm so grateful to have met her in Maui ~ we had a sweet and soulful healing connection and remained linked on Facebook.

The activations of the crystalline light code program I participated in are clearing and healing ~ I feel my soul
and body attuning  and ascending with each meditation and activation. I resonate so much with the the Gaia energy, guides and fairy energy and I loved hearing the light language, and know I am receiving so much deep conscious and unconscious healing that I'm not even aware of. I'm so excited and grateful to see how my heart and soul and life will continue to unfold and expand in the next few months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Zoe - I love you !! Love, light and many blessings , Kira"


Sierra Morningstar Blue



"Zoe Davenport is a phenomenal ascension guide and a galactic power house!

After going through an intensive lionsgate activation series and a personal session with Zoe, I was divinely guided to work with her more closely over the following months as my 1:1 mentor.

    When I started working with Zoe I was very ungrounded, very scattered, struggling being in my own skin here on earth, very confused on how to be human, or how to just be for that matter. I was awake, but still feeling very lost.
      I had a very profound awakening in 2016, and due to the work we did together, I think it’s important to quickly explain that after a near death experience, my soul had left my body and a higher aspect of me came in. She explained my body was undergoing massive re-calibrations and integrating large amounts of energy, and releasing tons of density- which was exactly what I was experiencing but didn’t have the words. My intention in our work together was to fully come back into my body- to integrate the new energy and ground into Gaia- and to expand through the physical limitations my body was struggling with.

        After working with her for about 5 months, through many activations, many channelings, many energy recalibrations and releases, before we even had our last session, I knew this intention was done. I remember the moment I no longer wanted to leave earth. I remember crying in total gratitude for feeling at home here on Gaia, and feeling intense amounts of love for my body and the opportunity to be in physical form. The biggest gift was probably the moment I actually felt safe, supported, and a sense of freedom flowing through every cell in my body. This was a priceless gift. To feel a sense of unconditional love for myself, and everything around me- it’s quite indescribable really. I feel it’s safe to say that in a matter of months, I released life-times of dense trauma from my body. I recalibrated my nervous system and safely aligned my soul back into this physical body. I can’t say it was all easy either, but I was ready to show up, and had made the decision to fully trust the process. As a result of this mentorship, I am utterly ecstatic about walking into this new year, and feel ready to create the most amazing and magical reality, and feel I have the tools and grounding to go forth.

       Zoe carries a very high frequency, and if you are ready for that lightening shamanic pace to the quantum excelleration of your soul’s path, and ready to cut through layers of delusion and illusion, I highly suggest working with this galactic powerhouse, and very very gifted new paradigm leader- Zoe Davenport is a gift in our Ascension process, and I am so grateful for all she has paved away before us, and for her unconditional love and support throughout our time working working together.


Yolanda Curtis



"My higher self guided me straight into Zoe's line of heart fire.  The flow of synchronicities that led me to her were in my face, and so I decided to follow my heart's guidance and sign up.  Just finding her was a miracle.  The first week alone was incredible as I powerfully adjusted with such a gentle yet powerful alignment activation deep within my being.  Everything that wasn't in alignment with my soul magically dissolved.  I am able to see all the ways I was choosing against myself and operating from a place of fear. 

Working with Zoe, she calls in the highest beings and her light encoded voice is so powerfully activating, and soul comforting and felt in such a harmonious way that really fiercely aligns every cell, infusing with light and then organize them to work together.  I am enjoying the journey and it is definitely the opposite way my ego would lead me - and this is precisely why my higher self appointed Zoe to appear in my world as a guide, and support as I allow myself the divine feminine space to receive and simply BE who I am.  If Zoe is in your path, say YES!  Trust, and see your life blossom as you dive deep within your own heart.  Not for the meek, to work with Zoe you have to be READY to play and start enjoying the ascension journey opening to MORE, always expanding, always brightening, alway changing.

Zoe is a beautiful divine support, sister and Light on this planet who truly understands what it is to be human and divine being and how to navigate through releasing the old stories and allowing the new.  She comes from a place of wisdom and surrender that is wonderful to align with; she is dedicated as a way shower by BEING and embodying an open state of Love in order to be able to simply align with it within ourselves.  It's a magnificent honour to have the opportunity to experience this level of accelerated heart expansion, especially since I have deep soul connections with Glastonbury.  I know this is just the beginning of my life living with an open heart as I step into my full power.  Zoe will help you stop playing small and trust the sacred meaning of your life and how easy it is to find your way into creating with your heart rather than blocking your own blessings and infinite support from source."  



creative expression through crystalline potential 

new paradigm activation