Surrendering to Flow

It’s ok to not be at the place where you thought you wanted to be, it’s ok to still feel like there is something to release, to work on, to be calling in, to learn. For reality is always a revolving spiral of choice.

Sometimes the subconscious is making the decisions based upon outdated cellular beliefs from karmic experiences.

Remember how old you are not based upon the limited human earth experience but beyond the stars, since the beginning of time. Your soul’s evolutionary path has expressed itself into being through the divine union of the feminine and masculine counter parts, the duality of nature to create a physical experience through the creative imagination of the inner circle.

The space between the two opposing parts that need each piece to create a whole. The billions of evolution, past lives upon multiple layers and dimensional imprint of existence, the billions of alternative realities based upon the power of the divine NOW moment through breath, through choosing and through the creation of timelines that reach far beyond the human expectations of self.

Feel into this divine moment for how amazing you truly are, your individual expression, your light, your shadow, your ability to have awoken in this life time, your ability and willingness to learn and come back to the truth - the truth will set you free.

The truth is all around you when you surrender to where you are now. For to feel into a potential outcome, experience you must first except what is, it does not mean to have to hold onto what is in your experience any longer than your willing ego is wanting to hold on for.

Choose to surrender the energetic hold that you needed to stay stuck or continue to play out the timeline as opposed by the ego expectations and cellular imprints.

In this divine moment and power of NOW - you have the choice to re-set, to clear and transmute the cellular memories that continue to separate you from the truth, your divine connection to source. For in this divine moment you are not held by the illusion of fears, scarcity, lack of needing to play out the roles any further.

To surrender is to take responsibility for your own emotional well being, to no longer feed the illusion looking for more social proof and evidence of sharing the story.

You get to choose, how something, someone or and event effects you and at this moment as you surrender you give your self permission to surrender to your human needs - to FEEL the emotions of what is present for you, it gives you the energetic space to breathe into the most aligned thought form and next emotional move for you.

To surrender is to be at peace with the experience, to resolve the matrix system through ascending through to source alignment, to no longer continue to play out the emotional karmic wheel. It is to assess the emotions of where you are, to honour those emotions of the human lovingly, kindly and with a energetic space of deep nourishment, nurturing and most importantly self-love.

It is ok to be where you are, it is ok if where you are is not where you “thought” you would be - for to surrender to the divine power of NOW gifts you the freedom to observe from a place of non-attachment to the what, why, when and how things would emotionally shift for you or be revolved.

In this moment of surrender it is not the job to “think” your way out of something, it is simply to be at peace.

Can you truly offer yourself this experience?

The experience of surrender?

Feel how wonderful it is to be with where you are?

To let your human surrender to the bubbles of emotions, stories, attachments, expectations, sadness, sorrow, pain, angers, judgement, regrets, envy, comparisons, grief.

Set yourself FREE by surrendering to your human, be with yourself, sit, shout, scream let it all out, dance the night away in your room, listen to uplifting music on full blast while you let your human do it’s thing.

Surrender to what you truly need in the moment when you are not where you want to be, FORGIVE YOURSELF!

Don’t let the past dictate the WHY, let yourself BE to release and surrender.

Do what you need to do to release the energy.

Let this be YOUR TIME! Away from others, for others can create more energetic attachments into the mix, others can keep feeding the emotional story and call forth more.

Honour where your at, let go of needing to know how things will change, when, why.

Forgive yourself for your need to be human for this is also a deep integral part of your awakening journey to honour your human emotions, let them go, let them out, let your emotions scream and shout and FEEL how good it is to be with where you are.

No more estimations or sorrow and waiting for something to shift. You have the power within you now to surrender, to be and to rest and restore however you are called to.

Be it to take space, to walk, to exercise, to sleep, or to simple BE in a soft and nourishing position. Hold yourself gentle in those moments like a living mother holds her new born.

Letting go of those expectations of the future, for in this moment the future is not able to create from consciousness harmony when there is residual patterns needing to be released.

You are not trying to work on all at the same time - hold a little faith with your more human linear experience on those moments and be with who you are now.

So surrendering to the power of this simple action will support you to grow from a place of what needed attention.

Surrender to what your body needs - if you need sleep, sleep, if you need to move - move if you need to scream scream, if you need to get angry then get angry.

But do this on your own - This is your path to your evolution, this is your path to illuminate the shadow that walked before you.

For now you are learning the tools, now you are aware, now you get to choose to continue playing out the old timelines and trapped stories based upon fear or to surrender and be.

If you were where you wanted to be in your experience you would not feel the emotions as you do that feel like they keep you trapped. You would feel light, non-attached, excited of the unknown tales of your evolving reality.

So lean back in those moments and surrender to your ability to sit with self. Come back to your breathing so you can calm the mind, listen to what is present in the body, to what you are asking for your self. Listen not to your mind but to your breath, your heart, your guidance through your entire being in the moment of stillness.

Yes there is the physical story, the physical reality, the physical experience that on the outside looks, feels and tastes so real to the senses. But remember for every action there is an opposite re-action and you will find your release, your healing, your activation, the clues to the next steps of your path not through the exterior but through the integrated web of energetic layers.

  • The first layer is surrendering to what is

  • The next layer is to feel what is present for you

  • The third layer is to allow what is present for you

  • The forth layer is to listen to what is present for you

  • The fifth layer is to be with what is

The six layer is to release what is - any way that is guided for you, through the beautiful complex make up of the human emotions - for to release through your human is to surrender that you are human, that you are honouring your physical incarnation upon Earth at this time

The seventh layer once you feel calm, once there are no more tears to shed, no more anger to shout, no more pain to feel through remembering a story, no more need to be in the energy of those emotions you surrender more.

Stillness and calm is created through the breath, the chamber awaits and invites you in - through the story and emotion of the external and into a space of BEING.

A container of breathe allows the space to breathe and create expansion and growth based upon the connection to source. Bring yourself back into being, into more surrender, be at pease with what you needed at that time and now is a new time, a new moment.

Bring yourself back through your heart, through the creation of energy.

The eighth layer of existence is existence itself through feeling, through divine flow of connection to all that is. It gives you the space to surrender to the magnificence of your created reality, the evolving spiral of choice.

As you surrender to your emotional needs - your cellular memories are activated, released and re-programmed based upon your desire for that connection beyond the physical cells.

Remember you are a divine make up of created expression, unique through billions of years of evolution, you are expanded far beyond your limited human mind and for you to re-connect to this truth will start to break down any and all illusions of separations, needing to hold onto old karmic imprints.

So surrender to where you are NOW to evolve into where you want to be NOW!

You are always loved

Zoe Davenport

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Zoe Davenport