The Magnetic Pull of Divine Feminine Energy

Take a cleansing breath in through the nose, hold, and softly slowly out through the mouth.

Soft soft soft soft soft soft , come back into the centre of your BEing of your soul, of your heart, of your intentions of your balance, of your feelings of your desires.

Soft soft soft soft focus on the stillness, focus on the space, focus on the outcome of how you wish to FEEL from the receiving of the experiences you are manifesting and aligning to soft soft soft soft. Invitation to know that all is unfolding as it should, be invitation to focus on the heart, on the root, on the connections of energy.

Take more time to breathe before connection, take more time to focus on the who you would like to be in your adventures of the physical dimension.

Move away from the need to control, to hurry, to rush in the receiving of those desires — the softness, the stillness, the allowance of waiting with love and joy, will align in the most abundant way.

Soft soft soft soft this is a time to honour Yin feminine, her sweet receiving, her embrace, her mystery, her magic, her sensational pull like a magnet of divine will. All will flow through as she balances her energies and works with the Earth with her Sacral with her Root — FEEL the energy pulsing through the body, feel the Earth magnetising the intentions — opening up to receive to receive to receive.

How many ways can energy align to her?

How many ways can she swirl and dance and play and be FREE in what is coming from all directions from all dimensions.

It’s a time to explore the unlimited depths of the divine feminine of the unlimited potential of calling in the energy allowing the masculine — creator to penetrate deep within her soul to give birth to the most abundant timelines, co-creating in divine union and harmony with Gaia, and with all those in the physical realms.

It’s ok to ask, it’s ok to desire — use that desire as fuel to expand

Use that desire to play, use that desire to go deeper, go wider go more into the feminine art of allowing and holding the space.

Soft soft soft soft soft, Yes as you FEEL you awaken, you trust, you ALLOW the flow, the pieces to come together — not focusing on the lack or limitations. Focusing on ALL potentials, ALL outcomes ALL realities as they seek to form through aligned living thought forms and grounding into the NOW.

Soft soft soft with the breath, with the intentions, with the focus, with the visualisations Divine Feminine you ARE creator, you ARE creative and you ARE the divine power of unconditional love through your Being YIN. To sit, to relax to be soft, to play, to desire, to open, to magnetise, to electrify, to adore to love, to honour, to hold, to cherish, to be still, to be in full trust to BE yin.

Yes yes feminine as you open to your potential the wounds, the scars, the abandonments, the shame, the guilts, the worries, the manipulations, the envy, the jealousy, the greed, the fear, the attachments, the expectations, the needs all dissolve and transmute into co-creative peace and harmony.

Harmony within the heart, harmony with the root, harmony within the sacral as the balance to feminine energy is restored once more in full faith, trust, love and patience and SURRENDERING.

Soft soft soft divine feminine as the cycles of the moon — harnessing your creative play into physical form to receiving is a game of surrender and patience — patience of inner knowing, patience of inner strength, patience of FULL trust in how you utilise and harness your creative power as the feminine.

Let it come to you in perfect alignment

Let it come to you in perfect form

Let it come to you in perfect experience

Let it come to you in perfect harmony

Let it come to you

Let it come to you

Let it come to you

Let it come to you

Wonderful beautiful Divine Feminine of BEing YIN — Soft soft soft soft — listen to the tides of the ocean, the waves crashing upon the shoreline, the power of feminine energy through daring to explore her potent potential, opening, opening, opening, feeling, touching, sensing, exploring, playing and Being.

Awakening to the multi-sensory experience of ALL around her in physical form, esoteric form and form yet to be created through the heart and birthed through thought form.

Open and harness the magic, the magnetic, the flower and pollination, the birthing process, the stillness, the allowing, the RECEIVING and the unconditional love held deep within the expanded heart space as she calls ALL to herself now.

No need to push, to expect, to lay upon others her needs trapped in the lower karmic energies of fear or below.

No this is TRUTH, this is TRUST, this is SURRENDER, this is ALLOWING, this is FLOW and this is RECEIVING!!!

Open divine feminine — get turned on by your magnetic abundant flow — you create your universe, you create your experience so harness this divine potent power of positive feminine flow, open and allow your heart to explore the divine beauty of unconditional love.

Open and allow, open and create, open and nurture, open and love, open and be the way shower for others to step into divine union, divine harmony and divine magnetic power of multi-dimensional scared feminine flow and masculine inspired action.

Adore yourself, honour yourself, awaken yourself to the true beauty within your BEing YIN — soft soft soft, patience and flow, patience and trust, patience and holding the vibrational match to your divine manifestations.

It’s HERE ready for you NOW — so divine feminine what do you truly wish to call in? Allow and adore the sensations of this within your soul — allow the masculine of creator to show you how to BE.

You are Magnetic — You are divine!!

All is well — all is love

The Unicorn Collective

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