Remember your bodies through ascension upgrades!

Last night I woke up around 3.30 which has been happening more and more these past two months, I understand I am doing some pretty deep work and need to come back into my body often at night to ground and go back in again... Last night I was shown the timeline of the New Earth, there was a collective council of intelligence that was governed to put the needs of the planet, people, animals, and plant life first before profits.

Profits were no longer part of the collective as the money system had evolved into a system of emotional intelligence and energy exchange, There was a form of “money” but not in the way we know it now. 

Buildings were eco-sustainable living creations, which had build in ecosystems that self-managed to provide food, shelter & warmth for humans, plants, and animals.

Transport & power were water & crystal powered, the streets were clean and all aligned with the harmony of Gaia. 

I then dipped into another timeline where gravity was being pulled into a different equation so that we were no longer dense….. 

In this reality, I was being shown by my guides how “history” was taught - the story of the star seeds incarnating to Earth and planting the seeds for the New Earth…… 

It may not look like change is happening right now, but deep within my soul, I know the timeline exists and is calling us all into it’s embrace with the continued inner work and taking inspired action for our health, well-being and that of the planet. 

Our biggest vote is how we consume! 

Our biggest stand is whether we choose to focus on fear based beliefs and programs or continue to follow the journey back to our hearts. 

Hold the vision ALL has already transcended and evolved into what we are wanting to build on Planet Earth.

So how does this relate to the body?………

I’ve also been shown this week that our bodies are literally transmuting into our higher heart, higher self hybrid counterparts - these aspects of self exist on the astral planes and now it’s time to integrate into the physical human formation. 

Yesterday to put it lightly I was slammed on my ass! I woke up feeling not quite in my body but not quite out of my body. 

I had a complete collapse of motor responses as I tried to swim my legs & arms couldn’t co-ordinate, walking felt like a hike at high altitude and my skin felt like it was crawling!……………

All of my “plans” got thrown out of the window and I had to dive into what was really needed.






Letting go of judgment, fears, or trying to “pull myself out of it” 

I knew something HUGE was integrating and letting my body do what it needed to last night I felt I was able to gain access to other parts of me being in these higher timelines. 

Today I feel rested, restored, grounded and very light. 

“Ascension” is really an internal journey, a cellular clearing of all part karmic ties to lower frequencies, radical self-forgiveness and opening of the heart to receive more of who you are! 

The body is an integral part of the equation and I see all too often many on the journey judging their bodies. 

What do you do when your body is not playing ball? Like it’s given up? 

During these times it’s really important to not dip into a story of self-worth. 

Listen to your body by feeling what it truly wants at this time. 

If you need a day off - take a day off! 

If you need a bath - take a bath! 

If you need to cry, scream, shout then do so 

Listen with love, compassion like you are nurturing a newborn baby.

Because that’s what’s really happening, you are going through continued death & re-birth cycles as you clear cellular density you upgrade the way you think, feel, respond and receive to your external environment. 

Your external environment also shifts with your perception of what you are embodying. 

When I’m moving through a shift in my body I make sure to rest, cleanse my body with Epson salts and eat light foods. 

We are moving at an accelerated pace now leading up to 2020, some of the energies are already starting to pour into the planet and I’m shown that a HUGE wave of people will start to be activated to wake up and remember again. 

Have patience with your family 

Have patience with your self

Go within

Listen to your body 

Gift yourself what you truly need. 

If it doesn’t feel good it’s not aligned for you! 

Part of the integration I have been experiencing these past few weeks have guided me to start the Self-Love Game Plan live version on October 1st……and how pleased was I yesterday when the start date was meant to be 12th…………..I live in integrity to what feels aligned. Sometimes I never know what right away but things are always lining up when I trust my heart, intuition and what my body is telling me. 

So my question to you - how can you be more loving to your body? What could you do today to start really listening to the signs that your body is telling you? What could you do to ground into your body? 

Some suggestions! 

Call ALL of your energy back into your being  

Plant roots into the Earth from the soles of your feet 

Ask your body what foods it no longer needs! 

Bless all waters & food you eat 

Cleanse your aura often 

Open your heart 

Wear clothing that is comfortable and fabrics that allow airflow. 

Take time when your body is needing rest - this is NOT lazy this is integration & deep cellular clearing. 

I love you, have a beautiful weekend. 

Zoe Davenport - Ascension Guide & Multi-Dimensional Channel

If this message has impacted you in any way - please feel free to share! 

Also we begin The Self-Love Game Plan on October 1st click HERE to find out more! 

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You are loved!