See yourself through the eyes of your soul!

As you begin to see yourself as your heart sees you, as your soul sees you, as your higher self sees you, you will no longer feel the need to keep searching for something that is outside of yourself.

You will come into complete alignment to all parts of your being and to witness this transformation you must first be willing to see inside yourself, your true love and admiration of your being, your human and your emotional, spiritual, physical desires.

Are you balancing or are you working too hard?

Are you taking time to really be with self or are your thoughts overtaking the moment? Caught up in a web of future projections and previous failures? 

It’s time to honour all of your being, to know you have all the “time” you need!

You do not need to lock yourself away to get “things’ done, you must simply allow the divine flow of what wants to take shape for you. 

You are not trying to show up as anyone, you are not trying to save the world, let the progression come to you naturally. 

When you feel like sharing share 

When you feel like writing write 

When you feel like sleeping sleep

When you feel like taking a break, take a break. 

Can you say you are feeling well rested?

Can you say are you feeling energised?

Can you say you are feeling connected, supported and grounded?

It is important to look at this, to dive into the thoughts. beliefs and overwhelm you can so easily find yourself in, when this happens it’s important to have a clear path of what you can do to shift energies.

You are always evolving, so let yourself evolve through rest as much as “work”, keep up your practise of the present moment, of breath work, of opening your heart, of energising your being through calling source light through and grounding into the Earth. 

Bless your water, bless your clothes, bless your foods, bless your conversations, bless those around you, bless yourself, send energy to all that comes into your field to keep your being high and your creativity in flow. 

Let go of expectations of the HOW/WHEN for this is blocking your ability to receive the higher timeline, let go of trying to work everything out and leave something to the mystery of life, let it unfold in a way you least expected while being completely open to all the every day miracles that you miss when your focus is caught up in the “to do list”. 

Playful and energising will be words, feelings actions of most importance to you so let yourself keep these close to your heart. 

Your being is shifting, your awareness of life is shifting and the reality you once held onto so tightly is not part of your resonance anymore.

So let go, try something new, gift yourself more “time/space” than you think you need to really shift into the current energies. 

Fall into flow state, the vibration of change that will support you throughout your journey on Earth. 

How exciting to feel as you align? You will see the world differently, you will see the beauty, the magic and the abundance of flow like never before. 

Let go of what’s been coming up for you, let go of what was for this leaves no space for what could be - remember you are always shifting focus, so gaze at nature when you are stuck in thought of lack, take a breath when you feel there is no time, honour your body when you feel you are pushing. 

You will get more done in less “time” for you will be creating from a place of rest, grounding and feeling energised! 

Feel how wonderful it would be to take a moment when you needed, gift your self more then you think so that you can show up more than you could of imagined! 

Let go of the troubles and burdens on your back of urgency, lack of time, that things are not working out for you, that you must try harder, let your heart guide you, hear your own harmony play so that you shift into divine alignment, 

Imagine everything you are not seeing, sensing, feeling, creating, being or receiving because you are too caught up in the machine, the cog constantly turning. 

Remembering that in order for change to exist you must be something different, think a different thought, hold a different feeling, take different action steps. 

It is not simply letting the Universe come to you, it is about honouring if your actions align to what FEELS good in your heart. 

Have you forgotten your joy along the way? 

What future date are you waiting for to feel aligned?

Is your way of working shifting things in the way you like or is it simply creating more overwhelm, more chaos, more confusion? 

Step through a new door way now, leaving behind all that is not supportive of your being of sustainable. 

It will be hard as the ego likes to resist, insistence that it’s way is the only way, but remember you are multi-dimensional, you work in a way that is non-linear, spiralling around in divine sequence, flow state, shifting realities through shifting perspectives. 

So let your heart guide you, let your self take a pause, a reset, and align to something more loving for you. 

Everything is always working out for you, you simply need to shift your focus to see that. 

If this speaks with you then I have something amazing to share with you , Reach out to me personally at to find out more!

Let’s get you fully focussed and grounded to open to all that wants to flow in for you!

Abundance & Gratitude

Zoe Davenport