August Newsletter and Energy Updates

This month has been a swirling mix of activation, energetic release, potential and awakening to new timelines and prosperity codes. As the Lions gateway opened I can truly say I have never met so many Leos in the month of August. Around my birthday which was the 6th I met at least 5 people that week all with birthdays around the 8.8 portal.

Then this weekend I had the fortune to meet some beautiful people on a lake with 5 of us again all with birthdays in the same week……

Our Universe is truly aligning, grounding and expanding and everyone we meet is a reflection of what is being created on a deeper cellular level and multi-dimensional capacity. 

The abundance codes have been flowing through strongly and something my guides are wishing for me to spend more time serving humanity on the beautiful joys of co-creation and breaking past the comfort zone and into that beautiful swirling vortex of divine alignment. 

You may have been feeling like the energy has shifted somewhat this week and that there is a sense of being able to move forward at this time. This is a phase of year to get crystal clear on how you wish to feel - then align to what you wish to create to align to that feeling. Abundance is all around us when we look past the illusion of separation. 

Shifting energies from the summer madness I have some pieces that may be of interest to you starting in September. 


Join us on September 14th 7pm PT for a beautiful online ceremony of connecting with your inner child, attuning to your imagination, creative flow and divine manifesting. 


Starts September 10th and will run for 8-weeks, a complete energetic alignment system through all the chakras to the frequency of love, joy and abundance. By application only, we have a few spots left click HERE to find out more. 


Preparations will being shortly for the 2019 retreat click HERE to be on the waitlist.

You are SO loved.

Zoe Davenport