Are you ready to be seen, dear one?

What would the world look like if we all spoke our truth? 

If we were expanded in our truth and could finally break through the fear of being seen? 

Spirituality = Self-love = Transformation = Abundant life

As most of you know all of my service, support and sharing is about grounding in through the heart and self-love.

To me self-love = ascension. They are the same thing and each shift I uncomfortably move through always, always comes back to love, the heart and how to show up as who I truly am.

Most people on the path are all looking for the same outcome - to live a joyful and abundant life, whilst sharing their truth, message, not having fears around moving forwards and how to work with resistance instead of it pulling back.

Each moment of creation in this reality astounds me; the simplicity of self-love holds the greatest transformations and I feel often overlooked on one's path towards a different "dimension" which is truly a shift in awareness.

For the New Moon of September 10th we have opened a sacred container bringing together a tribe of soul seekers, looking to move beyond their current illusions to create the outcome they desire from reality.

It's all about self-love - the energy behind and becoming a master of this subtle field of thought, attention, intentions and focused alignment.

If you are ready to break through your fear, resistance and doubts then this may be the right container for you.

If you are a service provider, coach, speaker, healer, visionary and any other term you relate to that is aligning you to your spoken truth then keep reading.

Program Outline

Week One - ROOT 
Getting YOU crystal clear on each specific area of YOUR life where YOU haven’t been showing up for YOURSELF authentically

Week Two - SACRAL 
Helping YOU develop a healthy daily practice of self-love, create energetic space and support to fully nurture and adore Yourself ready to receive. 
Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine integration

Week Three - SOLAR PLEXUS 
Release old emotional wounds and re-program YOUR “principle core beliefs” to ones that are in alignment for YOUR biggest desires
Creative expression through inner child nurturing

Clear out the emotional clutter and fear-based systems no longer serving
Activate the higher heart / higher self-connection to feel support in YOUR reality

Week Five - THROAT 
Speak your truth and stand in your power
Self-love game plan

Week Six - THIRD EYE 
How to SEE beyond what's HERE to align with what's coming to choose abundantly

Week Seven - CROWN 
Divine mastery of patience and quantum mechanics
Connecting the crown to source energy

Helping YOU to learn where YOU are holding back in YOUR reality - IE activate YOUR sensuality as a leader. 
Activating higher dimensional timelines and making quantum shifts in awareness and reality.

For those wishing to apply you will need to commit to a minimum of the 8 weeks to energetically complete the process, set at least 5 hours aside each week to go through the course content and live calls, show up coachable and ready to be challenged of every story, belief and limitation that's holding you back from truly stepping into self-love, receiving and shifting gears.

This is everything I have come to know in the past 10 years since actively studying, shifting and travelling all over the world learning the biggest shifts to self-love and letting go of resistance and doubt about showing up in the world, being seen and speaking my truth.

If this is in resonance to you - Click the link HERE and let's book a time to chat. 

I look forward to hearing from you