Beliefs are the strongest currency on Earth

Lions Gateway - Channeling 31st July 2018

Feel the sun on your face, feel the gentle breeze, feel the Earth with your feet, listen to the sounds of nature around you, tune into the subtle vibrations of energies within your being, always sending message through source and through Gaia. Watch for the gentle aura of colour around all living things. Relax, take a moments pause and settle into this beautiful moment here. 

Remember you are pure source of light, bending, refracting, bouncing of other edges of light particles, creating ripples through energetic intentions of waves to create shape, sound and colour. 

Be watchful for your environment, be mindful with your thoughts, be clear with your intentions. At times yes you may feel your life is in turbulence - but we come forth today to bring you a message, a reminder, a sense of grounding and leaning into your process not against it. 

We are here to remind you dear beautiful soul that your repeating of patterns are only a product of your belief systems, if you want a different pattern focus on a different belief system. There is no more “waiting” for you to shift dear ones, shifting is truly how you feel about yourselves inside. It is does a question of feeling like you are being punished it is a question of be clear with what you really asked for to explore. 

Your “awakening” is not a part-time role you play in secret when no one is watching you then you try to live out your what you like to call “3D” role. Your understanding of reality, and how your components of truth fit together is everything to shifting the dimensional experience. 

We ask you this question - you know you are wanting to create change, yet continue to do the same things and continue to “think” the same thoughts. You continue to follow a path you know is not serving for you. 

So we ask you this question - what is the fear around moving into a different experience, getting clear with what you actually want? 

As the Lions Gateway is opened this is an opportunity to surrender the ego beliefs now, allow yourself to make that quantum shift in awareness and tune into what thoughts you know no longer resonate with your heart. 

Many of humanity are still fixated on “money” being the answer, money is not the answer dear ones, for your planet to shift - YOU must shift, for you to shift you must do the inner work to re-set your beliefs. 

This is no longer a timer to linger in part doubts. fears, shames, resistance and story. 

This is a time to thrive and each day you have a choice to wake up fresh, alinging to your intentions, shifting your beliefs or remain in your story. 

Reality cannot shift till you shift, it is law, it is the Universe, it is how the energetic pieces can align for you. 

Many of you equate soul path to alignment and spend your lives seeking this “soul path” experience without truly understanding your life IS your soul path - it’s the physical experience, role, creative potential you came here to play. 

As you shift, your contracts shift, your focus and alignment shifts to bend the reality to your choosing. 

As you focus on the outside where is your focus with inside? 

with how you truly feel? in your mind, body and heart? 

Where is the love?

Many of you seek so desperately to “support the collective shifts in humanity” 

Yet struggle to support your own shifts, the shifts of the ego, mind and story to one that FEELS better to you in your heart. 

If you find this a struggle you must dig deep into your thoughts as to why. 

Spend time in the dark, in the shadows and as your heart what you need to FEEL supported, nourished and grounded. 

As you shift you can support to shift humanity - everyday you can choose to which story you wish to buy into. 

Dear ones can’t you SEE? 

Open your REAL EYE and see - it is NOT the currency of money that governs your planet and keep those in a web of energetic layers, it is the currency of story. Your beliefs are priceless in the eyes of those that feel they have the right to play with your emotions, heart and truth the way they do.

There is Nothing that you need to uncover outside of yourself and your power is through self love, nourishment and a shift of your beliefs. 

Within THIS moment, not your past, not your future - although two supporting pieces would be to call upon your previous soul experience and dimensional versions to the NOW for your  expansion and to call upon the teachings from your higher selves. 

Your a rich beyond all you could have ever dreamed of when you own your beliefs dear ones - for this is the power of focussed intentions and self-love. 

Have fun with your imaginations, creative play, journey to the far reaches of your galaxy and bring these sparkles of truth back to your every day. 

Use your knowledge of awakening as a powerful tool to your physical and dimensional transformation and allow the secrets of your heart to unfold though the journey of love. 

Look around you dear ones - walk amongst others with your heart open, expanded, send love, ask for their higher selves to come in and imagine each person awakening to their truth. 

Each moment take a pause to smell, feel, sense, hear and see your reality for what it truly is. 

As you shift dear ones - your reality shifts. 

All is a reflection of the light and many more are opening to the potential of the law of the Universe.

YOU have ALL the power dear ones, and those that have tried to control are loosing their grip on the reality they created through fear. 

You know the truth dear ones - now it is up to you to use this truth to fuel your self-worth or keep buying into their currency. 

Abundance is a vibration, a state of mind, a feeling of connection, alignment and oneness with Gaia and your fellow brothers and sisters. 

So this Portal take with you the thoughts that serve, and let go that you know no longer feels good within your bodies. 

Your belief is the strongest currency on Earth - spend it wisely! 

Always in service and gratitude | Collective Council of Light