Summer Solstice — Return To The Light

Blessings dear ones, The dawn of the golden age has begun as you call light back to your hearts and activate the unity consciousness that resides within all life on planet Earth.

This is not a time of difficulties or turbulence it is one of great transformation to be HERE at this time and it brings us great joy to be supported you through these getaways of your inner knowing and truth.

Take time for you to tune into your heart’s desire, to what shifts you wish to see in your reality and make peace with the past as it brought you to where you are now.

It is always a spiral evolving your reality of choice so choose what feels abundant to you in these moments of awakening. Feel the sun on your face, feel the golden rays beaming down as you are activated through the light of the sun and the dark of the nights sky. All parts are equal and all parts are helping you to evolve through the dimensions of duality and into a wholeness that your soul knows is possible to create in physical form.

Before setting your intentions, let go of your expectations and know that as you align to what can truly feel good in your hearts it will send an outwards spin of light towards that which you seek.

This is your path of alignment as you follow the signs bringing you into greater harmony and resonance with all that is on Gaia.

She is abundant, the trees, animals and minerals are all co-creating to support your emotional intelligence to receive that which you came here to embody.

Align with your feelings through your heart space, align with your vision through your third eye, align with your truth through your throat, align with source through your crown, align with your Universal creativity through your central solar system — your solar plexus, align with your balance, peace, harmony and activation of receiving through your sacral and align with your BEing on Earth though your root and you go deep into the ground rooting your intentions to create and explore whilst travelling through the Earth Star and into the Crystalline core of ascended Gaia. Align with your higher heart, higher self by aligning to your star system 8th portal charka and on these days of gateway opening and activation call ALL to yourself now dear one.

Take your time to really FEEL your being, your emotions, your spirit, your body, your auric field and seek to expand upon these deeper resonance of love through your breathing. Breathe in receive and activate, breathe out let go and ground.

Peace dear ones before asking what you truly desire, Grounding to be present within your expansion and opening of the heat to feel all that you know you can create in your human form.

Many of the star seed collectives have felt emotional density and triggers by each other — make sure to honour your mirrors and dance in the reflection and you send love back to that which has caused you pain.

No need to struggle to be seen dear ones, when you are fully in your own truth and power you will always be felt for your authenticity and integrity.

Take this summer gateway as a re-set, a sit-back and a time to relax in contemplations as you shifts will always reside from the inner journey and exploration of self through your heart.

Enjoy dear ones your paths, your experiences and allow your truth to reveal your radiance and mastery of the energetics systems through joy and abundant receiving.

So use this gateway to ask your soul what truly moves you?

What speaks to your heart?

What are you passionate about?

And focus on what thoughts come to mind, this is YOUR time of great transformation and integration to be soft and loving as you allow yourself to FEEL the truth of light and abundance.

Set your intentions before sleeping, wake up with more grounding and set more intentions, Keep speaking to your heart, your Universe and your experience to keep shifting and bending the refractions of light to twist in favour of your energy.

You are masters of the light, stars planting seeds of change to be HERE and create actionable change throughout humanity.

Keep asking daily What is my alignment?

How can I be more free in my experience?

How can I activate my journey of light?

All is returning to you dear one, source creator of infinite potential.

So allow yourself to embody pure crystalline formations of light, the plasma rays, the golden rays, the diamond rays, the rainbow rays and all dimensional rays that can shower your heart to greater depths of receiving through self-love, unconditional love and Universal love of the I AM presence.

Return to the light through this gateway by activating your heart and calling forth your inner knowing of divine potential dear ones.

We are as ever in service to the light, to your hearts and speak with your higher selves.

Sky-nu fer tu key ses na pas ku ne pu khan | Arcturian Council of Light

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