My notes - much similar to how we approach yoga, a  slow mindful practise will ensure safe travel and exploration of our energies and this can only be done through a daily commitment to self of care - grounding and balancing. 

Message from the collective star council of light on Ascension practise:

Have you forgotten to tune in to where you would like to go? what are the experiences you are hoping to gain from your journey?. 

The experience of being human does not need to mean pain and suffering this is an illusion set by the ego mind trapping your potential in limitations and beliefs you are not ready or needing to hold off your life path due to the judgments and opinions of others. Dear ones there is light within all of you that  and will change and alter the fabrication of time vs physical incarnation - 

You have not passed through your last gateway only to enter into the same pattern again - move beyond your thoughts that this is hard and tune into what you feel is possible - you will only be able to build upon your understanding and vibrational attraction you can alter this perception and jump timelines with ease when you no longer give the illusion it’s power or control over you. 

Ascension is about being in your power through love, joy, freedom and embracing the changes as they come up to be released. Some of you experience server physical symptons and blame this on “ascension” it is not ascension that is giving your this pain it is your ego - it is wanting to make it FEEL harder then it is and so trapping you back into plummeting beliefs around your potential. 

It is true as your physical body starts to alter it’s DNA blue print trapped emotions and fears start to rise to the surface - You do not need to hold onto these energies for holding on they hold onto you - they trap you and keep you in the small I AM presence. 

So many of you on Earth right now want to desperately to be done with the Earth experience - to go home to your inception planets and leave Earth behind you for good.  This is also a lye and limiting belief. You are holding onto illusion this is possible for you when your physical body dies and your soul is released.  Your soul’s higher calling is to assist and support in the collective evolution of mankind and you will want to keep returning till the Earth and all residing here are operating at a 100% awakened consciousness level.  remove the limitation of time - start to embrace the gift you have to BE HERE NOW in this moment and BE IN JOY as you feel the delights and wonders your timeline can present to you once you remove your ego desires to exit through the back door.  

This may be hard to hear dear beautiful souls but your work is not work when you call it this is becomes a ego pressure that you need to do more - that others are not pulling their weight and then the vibration of judgment starts to play out which in turn does not support your highest good at this time.  Those most aligned in ascension are the beings in joy - the ones who know they are here to learn to grow and to expand that is all nothing more northing less - unconditional love and removing all tendencies of fears over the conceived stories that there are beings out to get you - when you remove your limitation that you are not part of something greater you make yourself small and step into the vibration most aligned with Fear - fear is what attracts these beings that thrive on the energetic downturns of the “light workers” fear feeds the dark night of the soul and as many of you have or are going through this phase of ascension at this time you have to trust in the process of simplistic action through letting go of this needing to be hard - we are here to align with you but you cannot receive the vibrational shifts available to you when you continue to hold onto old programmings of what ascension is and isn’t.    The collective star council of light have been working with many or you at this time to help enhance the frequency of the encoded messages within your hearts- you just need to slow your mind down long enough to listen and the harmonic sound will start to play, will help to soften and help to calm the worry that you have missed out on ascension at this time. 

You are on your own personal journey of alignment that is all nothing more nothing less.  When you truly embrace the calmness you will realise this is what was needed all along to help guide through with gentle loving and nurturing steps.  Those around you will benefit greatly from your experiences shared as you will portray the ease at which ascension can happen for you.  We ask you dear ones to no longer blame the cosmic energies for your mis-fortunes and misalignments we ask you understand that it feels turbulent right now as you are releasing yourself from the hologram and walking through the new vales - but some are continuing to try and pull in these older concepts - this is what is keeping you stuck - ask ever day what you need to now KNOW and use this as the marker for your day, for your month and for your year. 

The simplicities of your ascension is found in plain site in the complexity of the vibration of the universe - you do not need to know the  whole workings before you gift your self the holiday - gift yourself the holiday and you will step into the ascended vibration you have been longing for for so long.  Your self care and ability to cut through the ego mind limitations is paramount to your joy and your joy is paramount to your actual ascension - you are not trying to ascend out of the physical realm - ascension is about the integrations and alignment of the most pleasing outcome and for all in the new paradigm. Let go of the old concepts , let go of what you think you are missing out on and let go of needing to feel physical pain to embrace to light that was there within you all along.  We recommend listening to binaural beats at this time to help ease through the ego , it’s ok to let go it’s ok to cry and it’s ok to actually FEEL and enjoy being ALIVE. 

You are here NOW dears ones- all you have is NOW so make the NOW vibration the most you can with your heart tuned in and desiring peace.

Take three deep mindful breaths now and really feel at ease - it’s ok it was always ok you are here now enjoy, breath, surrender and let go of the need to fight. There is not battle - the only truth is the vibration of love all else is illusion. Your vibrational alignment to love will move you through what has held humanity back for lifetimes. Send love to those your most hate in the world and allow your hating and fighting to endas it’s the mirror battle with yourself you are yet to face- that your ego needed it to be hard to feel easy. It can feel easy now, breathe dears one all is well all is settled, you are so dearly love and all is ok. 

The collective star council of light.