New Moon message


JOY is the vibration that will align with abundance

Dear light souls, You may have been experiencing shifts in your energies this week, often feeling denser - heavier and feeling like old karmic energies have come to resurface again. Trust that anything coming up that does not feel aligned or feel like the old paradigm is still releasing from the core structure of your being.

The manifestation potential of this new moon is nothing like you would have felt before and with that comes a more intense energy leading up to it as we have been working closely with your higher selves to remove the density still caught in the emotional and physical body. Take the time today to run through and scan where you have been feeling denser - take the time to call upon us to continue to flush your system with the activated light code information take the time today to go gentle with your selves. It can appear often the the old paradigm is still very much present but trust in the flow of the divine messages gifted daily that you are indeed ascending and the new paradigm and is paving the way for a more crystalline structured light and harmony on planet Earth.

Today will be a great day of gratitude as you continue to shed these karmic dense energies - honour your body with nutritious foods , honour your selves with rest , honour yourselves with relaxation, meditation and gratitude - for all you are going through now is shifting the vibration of the planet, all you are experiencing is lifetimes of stagnation all you are going through now will support and assist you this coming month from the new moon to clear shed and allow clear vibrational intentions to flow through. Take some time today to visualise what it is you need for this month - how do you need to be supported right now from source? what is still coming up for you that you are ready to let go of?. Remember to let go you need to let yourselves detach from the story - detach from the ego and victim drama let go from needing to hold on just because it had happened - this will free your energies to heal on all layers of your being. Gratitude you are here gratitude for everything you have around you at this time and gratitude to know you are so dearly loved and supported.

Take some time today to open your hearts to the divine flow , take some time today to tune into your heart and hear the heart calling - what is the vibration of joy you need to walk into ? what does joy look like feel like to you? joy is the vibration that will align with abundance - gratitude that abundance is all around you in the flowers, the trees, the elementals , the conversations, abundance is free flowing in great support this month and joy will assist and align your energies to the divine flow of creation - perfection and harmony.

Peace on this day to clear - surrender and step into the energy of your hearts for mindful manifesting, take time to clear and cleanse your space - take time to re-set your intentions for the vibration you held last month will not align with who you are today and for this month - always tune into your hearts and feel into if you are in joy.

Call upon us to assist - support and nurture your abundant intentions today on the new moon and work closely with us daily to keep alinging your vibration.

Allow yourselves to feel excited for all the changes you have already gone through this year - allow yourselves to feel and be in JOY.

Your breath will be of great mindful importance during these times - dear ones don’t forgot to breathe, don’t forgot to breathe, don’t forget to breathe.

Loving your light unconditionally , your angels x