Crystal message

This was a piece taken from the channeling with a client of mine and felt called to share. (I have permission to share and have cut out specifics.

This is from the crystals -

Dear light soul - it has indeed been some time since we have connecting in with your energies in physical form but we are here present and ready to gift you the knowledge of your ancestors we speak collectively of the entire crystal kingdom and are all rising once more to bring light into the physical dimension.

You are now ready to step into your higher dimensional self and as you go through these shifts it is important to ground down and connect in the learnings into your physical form - into the Earth for your light body is now indeed a transmuter / conductor of the higher dimensional frequencies - the term light worker - there is no work dear child only joy / bliss and alignment alignment to your true calling which is limitless in possibilities and your journey of choice.

Take the road less travelled and you will always come up against new experiences but know the road less travelled is the path most aligned to your soul’s needs at this time.

The higher dimensional crystalline grid is starting to become back online once more. We the crystals are feeling the vibrations and alignments of humans once more and are happy to share and align our gifts to humanity to those that can hear our vibrations. Tune into the grid each day to connect and ground yourself - grounding does not mean you will loose your higher understandings and learnings dear child grounding will keep this upgrades and start anchoring them into your DNA structure.

It is wise at this point in your journey to tune out from all energy you are feeling pulled from - nothing in your path should feel like you are being taken away from or used - when you feel this vibration anchor your light into the grids and bring this energy back up to send healing. As above so too below and here today is your remembrance of the Earth - the soil - the oceans - the animals - pay attention to the birds that fly into your life physical and non-physical they remind you of a time to fly in your life - to take flight to travel but remember as when birds travel they use the vibrational field and ground to navigate for directions - this is your grounding piece to all that is coming up for you take flight in your energy like a bird and use the Earth’s grid to help ease and navigate your path.

The grids just as all beings on Earth is a living being - but of light - our collective energies have the entire light codes, blue prints and activations of all humanity and as each light warrior comes back online with the grids more healing is anchored into the Earth and displaced around for all to receive - dear light - do not underestimate your path or role here on Earth you are already living your truth or you would not receive the vibration healing embedded within this message right now - our host Zoe is one of a crystal master and can hold the vibration to gift the messages as we do not speak like humans our language is found in vibration - you will seek to understand more as you understand your heart - understand the flow and connection of ALL livings things and you will find your connection and be able to understand this language of vibration too.

Breathe dear one allow yourself to settle into this new feeling of being light yet here fully here in the present moment.

All is well and we are so pleased to gift to you this day.