Remember your bodies through ascension upgrades!

Listen to your body by feeling what it truly wants at this time. 

If you need a day off - take a day off! 

Listen with love, compassion like you are nurturing a newborn baby.

Because that’s what’s really happening, you are going through continued death & re-birth cycles as you clear cellular density you upgrade the way you think, feel, respond and receive to your external environment. 

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Surrendering to Flow

To surrender is to take responsibility for your own emotional well being, to no longer feed the illusion looking for more social proof and evidence of sharing the story.

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Zoe Davenport
Understanding “aloneness/isolation” during spiritual shifts

It’s ok where you are at, it’s ok you need space, it’s ok to gift yourself what you need.

Aloneness, is something we HAVE to gift ourselves without question along our spiritual paths — even when we are with people — we have to continuously show up for our own personal and emotional needs.

This houses the potential for our continued expanded growth into the unlimited possibilities of multi-dimensional experiences and thus have those with the people we love around us.

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