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2 part cellular memory activation - atlantis karmic clearing - crystal skull collective frequency  

atlantis crystal codes 


"Se ky na phey nor way kor na da pe key ney sey nu pa nah key pa nu"

***Please note the dates have changed to 14th January - 28th January 2018***

Creative Expression Through Crystalline Potential


TWO PART activation

14/01/18 - 28/01/18 10AM PT

OpportUNITY to come together in sacred energetic circle - diving deep into our Atlantis Memories to clear, transmute and activate our Atlantis Crystal Codes. 


This two part activation is live - (replay also available) as we go through the akashic karmic clearing / grid re-patterning of Atlantis guilt still stored in many of the human cellular memory.

Through activation we travel through the crystal chambers of light. Sacred containers used to re-form and ignite the your Atlantis Crystal codes.


Part one will bring the emotional "being" up to speed with the ascending crystal human to clear and transmute timelines still held in the collective karmic frequency through the fall of Atlantis.


Join us as we look to shift, clear and expand the human perspective and open the gateway towards embodying more of our super human capacity.


Followed by a months integration to allow for the continued clearing in alignment for the year's end and renewal timelines to move clearly into 2018.


Part two will be alinging and activating the Atlantis Crystal codes within the DNA to expand out through the matrix simulation. Restore the deep resonance of all your were during these times to begin again working with crystals and the elemental kingdom in your expanded capacity.


These activations are being over lighted by the collective Pleiadian council of light and the collective Crystal Skulls.


It's light, it's joy, it's love, it's crystalline and it's an invitation to play with these new codes to the human collective awakening

Energy exchange will be $297 with Payment plan option

  • Live access to both 90 minute live activations
  • Part one Clearing the collective timeline of Atlantis through accessing akashic with your Crystal Skull gate keeper
  • Part Two - expanded remembrance and activation to your Atlantis codes  
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Emailed weekly recorded channelled light language transmission
  • Access to recorded replays

Pay in full or 2 part payment plan pay $148.50 now and $148.50 in 30 days

Join the Atlantis Crystal Movement leading into our divine potential for 2018

All my Love

Zoe Davenport
New Paradigm Consultant & Crystalline Grid Activator  



"Sey nu pah kupe ley no su pa ka sah ha ra nuh"  


Client love 


 Lynne Davies - UK

My 1:1 with Zoe & her team cleared my energy field down like a supersonic jet wash!

I felt so light and clean, and FREE! like I’d never ever felt before & since then I am to access, connect and maintain this space myself, this new version of me that I’d never experienced & things just keep getting better.

Zoe I write this with tears of gratitude.....I’m so so thankful for you & your work, I don’t even really have the words....Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lynne xxxx

Jennifer Lee - Seattle 

“Zoe Davenport is quite literally a Godsend. She’s unlike any other spiritual leader I have encountered and has helped me transform my life in innumerable and immeasurable ways.

I have had the gift of working with Zoe over the course of several months now and have received more from her than any other coach, seminar, book, workshop, intuitive, psychic, teacher, meditation or personal self-exploration that I have invested in over the course of 10 years"


"I have worked with many many different teachers and modalities but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a testimonial.  Zoe has got to be one of the most caring, understanding and loving people I've had the opportunity to meet.  Saying she has powerful energy is an understatement!  

Don't let her soft spoken manner fool you." 

Erica Kita 

Dearest Zoe,

It truly was the universe that brought us together! I had no preconceived idea other than a feeling to get to know crystals better. That happened!!! And...... So many subtle pieces of my journey awoke to another level of love and physical experience. It was a bountiful opening to not only crystals but I've connected deeply with the elementals. And I am having so such fun with the fairies!

You are a master light worker able to vibrationally open up joyful connections.

Thank you for being on my path to play with, love with and share with.


Atlantis Crystal Codes $297