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Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension Guide

New Paradigm Consultant & crystalline grid activator  

zoe davenport 


Sey neur kuma pa na, sey neur kuma say no kan nu pa, sey neur nu ma nah!

These light languages are literally within my DNA and every time I'm called to speak, I'm gifted a new memory of ancient planets similar to Earth. There are three aligned called Aadona, Adona & Edona. My original inception residing within the collective frequencies of 17th dimensional crystalline light.

I have spent many years as a human incarnation to learn, descend and integrate what humanity would need at the time of these great awakenings. The codes which flow through my being bring the accelerated potential to those ready and willing to receive the full extension of their capacity not only in human form but Galactic and dimensional expansion.

Over the past several years I've received a series of quantum DNA activation codes - Three of which are tattooed on my human form in dark black ink - two on my wrists and one on my back where my heart is. This is also the place where I broke my back to literally crack my heart portal open to accelerate not only my own personal journey but the journey of the collective human experience and the oneness within all living things.

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These deeply alien transmissions pierced into my skin act as a gateway opening the quantum field for the "light" work I am here to share and activate those who are around me. When it's opened you will feel at peace, a sense of being home, a profound sense of divine joy, love, clarity, unity and a knowing you are HERE for a greater purpose.  These frequencies are the mirror to what our collective human experience is ascending into through Crystalline Light rays within the combined physical/emotional and spiritual field. Acting as a mirror for the divine reflection of oneness and peaceful resolution and harmony. Because of this - I forgive ALL human incarnations and seek to only converse with the higher aspects of that being while the human ego is still being resolved.  Holding no attachment or expectation to how another should be and continued alignment to releasing of karmic stories, lower energetic density, ego and fear.   

This path has urged me to not only embrace my human self but to learn to love and adore her unconditionally - to allow her the creative exploration of human self discovery - independence and alignment to the softer side of the human experience.

It has been the most powerful incarnation to date as now ALL functions of the Merkaba light field are awakened, DNA activated and access to the higher dimensional realms are all within the timeless moment of NOW.

For my human it took a few years to embody this as truth - for there were no known others who took that journey but slowly as observer expands, more of us are stepping up, showing up and finally allowing to be "SEEN/HEARD/FELT AND RECEIVED".

If this speak to you beautiful soul, that perhaps you will feel the shift of light in your heart with the soothing energetic softness of these words. It will pierce deep into your soul and ring a bell of resonance, a knowing, a activation of light, a feeling of deep inner knowing that this vibration shared has something to activate within you


A soft voice inside your heart will say "this is what you have been calling for"


It is my humble honour to be serving humanity is this expanded capacity, offering multi-dimensional consultancy to awakened thought leaders.


All my Crystalline love 

Zoe Davenport - New Paradigm Consultant 
Member of The FIAccelerating feminine intelligence using spirit,
science, and technology.







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