A little bit about me...

Gratitude you are wanting to get to know me.  My profession is who I am, my life is my purpose - my light - my unique set of gifts and my expansion each and every day is what I have to share with you. 

We are truth, we are light, we are love, we are multi-dimensional and we are the I AM presence. When we embody this as our truth - we start to understand the programming of existence itself. 

We are many things in life:

Healers, teaches, students, leaders, givers, receivers all here to collectively grow and evolve into our greatest versions.  It's been an incredible journey to date and to sum it up in a few short words, or to describe what I do with with tags would be limiting our potential.  I have studied massage, energy healing, received countless activations, sweats, ceremonies, karma clearing to name a few but this is not who I am.  We are who are are at our core when we take away all that we are not.  Through awareness, letting go and forgiveness, when we have shifted though lifetimes of social conditioning, expectations, ego, judgement, envy, sorrow, pain, anger, resentment, fear, worry and shame.  When we take a gigantic leap of faith into the unknown of our paths and start to let go and create space - the light starts to return to us - or rather we remember the light was there all along within us.  Our memories start to return of our lessons, clarity, insights and healing begin.  A profound sense of awareness - observation and peace replace the once chaotic and perceived lack of time.  

Our 6th senses restored - feeling, seeing, smelling, hearing, taste and sound.  our ability to tune into multiple dimensions simultaneously gaining a profound picture of what we see in front of us.  An amazing ability to see through the hearts and souls of another, manipulate time and jump timelines to our advantage, Clear connection and effective communication with beings not of this Earth - residing multiple dimensions. understanding our guides - their lights and paths and how they are here to support our ascension journey back to the light- to source - to love.

It's been a crazy awakening journey to date: 

Every time I go through another energetic shift - my whole physical being upgrades to hold even more light and beauty in the world.  These shifts effect the very dimension I currently walk on as I walk out of one and into another the most aligned with my vibration.  The ability of manifesting upgrades, sickness is non-existent, and a profound awareness of the limitless opportunities is available. 

The winter solstice of 2016 - I experienced the most profound spiritual activation known to date in this physical body. Pure unconditional waves of light pouring through my entire being and down into the Earth.

Tears streamed down from my eyes as I feLl in love all over again with the universe.

I experienced the most amount of peace and gratitude that we ARE ALL ONE, we ARE THE LIGHT, and WE ARE THE UNIVERSE.  Our Egos continue to block our potential which is limitless, and when we truly break free from our 3rd dimensional moulds we really do get to explore all of our multi-dimensional selves across all lands.  

We move past the dualities of existence as we truly understand this is a our hologram - and we have the choice to create from truth which is love - or fear which is a lye. 

This dimension is one of the most challenging collectively by us - by source, but it is one of the most beautiful.  For lifetimes it has been caught in an energetic web of lyes, deceit and over bearing oppressions of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

  Each step we take forward into the light is a step closer to how much we can effect our experiences and each others' in a positive and effective way.  The time for conflict - divide and mistrust is over as we experience ourselves within the universe - just as we are the universe. 

7 years ago I awoke to the memories of my past - of when I was a child. I could SEE really SEE the realities for what it was illusions. I owned being a white witch one to mark peace on these lands, creative flow came in abundance and the worries of the future were not there as we know as a child to remain present is the biggest gift of our experiences. For present brings us into the I AM presence and with this brings us communication with our truth.  7 years ago floods of memories came back and I woke up from my dream - from the life I thought I was in control of but actually it had been controlling me. Controlling me to sleep through it in fear, sorrow and pain.  There was a being inside of me bursting to be released and I knew the road would be long and bumpy but I knew it was time to change directions and try something new - awareness - truth  and humbled myself to spirit. 

I cannot begin to express the love which pours from my heart -  

I always feel the need to gift this to those around me, whilst allowing myself to receive this infinite flow of pure consciousness love. When we awaken, clear, re-set and re-gift the divine love that can flow freely our hearts expand to the infinite far reaches of the universe. 

The current reality holds the potential vibration for us to truly start ascending into ascension mastery - ALL our abilities are available to us now, we bow down to the light in others and seek to be in peace and flow as much as we can. Each day continuing to transmute our egos into the light as we keep in the vibration JOY.  Pure creative potential is achieved through this and when we each go through our ascension we gain access to all that we set out to achieve in this incarnation. 

Gaia needs us right now to create a reality in which she is no longer abused and mis-treated. Gaia is our home when we are in this incarnation and ascension mastery gifts us the tools - experiences and vibration in which to step up in this world and be the game changers creating the new paradigm. 

This is my path and one I am called into deep deep service

It has called me to move away from ALL my perceived physical comforts,  and overtime step into the greatest void I have ever known. But here I am showing up for myself in trust, showing up for my guides in love, showing up for Gaia in gratitude and showing up for you in humble humble service. 

The past few years re-awakened my potential of humble learnings once embodied from previous physical incarnations on Earth and other planets which were once called home.  My inception point is one of a planet called Aadona part of three Edona and Adona.  In my service with others I work closely with the consciousness of the 17th dimension where my soul inception originally resides from these non-physical planets.  Physical and non physical is not seen the same way as I've had memories of experiencing both. Which is what is available to us HERE now on Planet Earth.

Ascension mastery is working our way back to the oneness which resides within our hearts

From this point of perception projecting out feelings to create experiences of harmonic perfection with the vibration of the universe.  I'm told  we came to Earth to share these new vibration tools to assist humanity and free the conceived ideas of creation through ego.  As part of my ascension path I spent many lifetimes in Lumeria, Atlantis, Egypt and Avalon.  My current incarnation I grew up directly on the main Ley line from Glastonbury, Somerset, UK.  These many physical lives have gifted me an incredible experience and so humbled and excited to still call Earth home at present.  Over time I learnt Crystal Mastery working with souls of Atlantis and channelling the vibrational light codes.  The crystalline grid has also been in integral part of this journey as I travel the world opening and activating key dimensional portals. As we expand our consciousness and embody more light - these portals become available to us all interacting and expanding as we expand.  I have 3 activation codes tattooed on my body as requested by my guides to assist with the planetary healing and vibrational shifts. 

It took me a long time to embrace my multi-dimensional self

Selling myself the story I had to choose; living in the physical or never feeling grounded as I constantly travelled in my dreams.  Ascension mastery has helped me to embrace both worlds - the physical and non-physical.  The constant contact and daily communication with my guides helps me navigate a somewhat seemingly chaotic physical path - but in truth I love the diversity - the empowerment that comes when we live our lives truly present and feeling abundantly joyful for the miracle that we are ALL HERE NOW in this moment - co-existing and co-creating something beautiful.

Ascension Mastery is what will truly set us free and allow us to BE IN JOY whilst working in deep service of healing our hearts and holding space for others and living once more in alignment with Gaia.  

We ALL have the potential NOW to step into our greatest versions we have ever known when we remove the limitations of what was - Ego and step into what is - LOVE.  

The creative potential of Ascension Mastery through heart opening - healing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation.  JOY is the piece that will align with abundance.  Abundance of Love, connection, collaboration, co-creation, harmony, happiness, peace and the desire to step forward into the new paradigm. 

I have been called to work with the paradigm game changers of existence right now - to hold the space needed for those called to step up and be the thought leaders paving the way for mass global awakening through breaking free for their perceived limitations and karmic moulds.  We are ALL called to make the biggest impact in our lives but also the lives of others.  The new paradigm is created through connection - collaboration and unconditional love. 

Thank you for allowing me to enter your energy field with my heart.

In 2017 I am offering Ascension mastery, karmic ceremony, crystalline light body activations and consulting. 

If you would like to learn more about these support packages please CLICK HERE

From my heart to you I love you all truly deeply and in gratitude for your awakening. 

Our vibration paves way for the new paradigm and I'm excited to be a part of this with you on your journey. 

The light and love in me bows to the light and love in you.

Zoe Davenport
Spiritual Mentor & Author