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About Zoe

Zoe Davenport was born with extra sensory abilities and has been extensively studying self-love, quantum physics and spiritual ascension for the past 10 years.

Today, Zoe uses her multi-dimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. She seeks to guide them towards self-love, authenticity, creative potential, energetic mastery and the embodiment of their higher selves.

Her ability to hold the multi-dimensional field open accelerates a person’s potential and allows them to make a quantum shift in reality, jump to the highest timeline and ground their creative expression into the human experience. She is here to support those ready to expand upon their leadership roles - using her intuitive gifts of potential outcomes to easily guide a person towards their most aligned journey.

Only when the ego steps down it’s role as protector will humanity see the truth in all humans, only then will the unity consciousness be understood. It starts with each person coming into balance with their own alignment of love, source and grounding. It starts with their ability to receive the full extent of their divine power

From continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah, Zoe draws upon ancient knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person’s divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and a synergy between divine feminine yin energy of BEing and divine masculine energy of inspired action.

Her work is activating, accelerating, grounded and always calling upon the highest timeline making quantum shifts in a person’s reality.

Zoe speaks internationally, hosts crystalline activation retreats, group programs and virtual/live seminars on the power of self-love as a visionary leader.  


Love is the answer, everything is an invitation to evolve

Featured in The Feel Tank, Beyond The Ordinary Show, Huffington Post, In5D, Love Has Won, The Business Space Ibiza, Bestival, Port Elliot, Intention Festival, Quantum Conversations, Straight Talk for The Soul.